Audiodharma cooker

I am getting an Audiodharma cooker this week and am looking for guidance on use. Does nayone have experience with cooking transparent speaker cables, mamba power cables or electra glide power cables. My understanding is to put on for 24 hours. What has been your experience.
Thanks for responding.
I prefere to cook pilaf or rotissarie chicken:-)
have you read the faq on their website ? its very informative. On power cables I usually go 48 to 60 hours cooking time.
You might want to post this in the cable section at Audioasylum as Alan Kafton spends a bit of time there, or you could e-mail him directly with his address from the Audioexcellence web site. He is an excellent guy to deal with and I'm sure would be all to happy to advise you. Perhaps he'll chime in here, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you contacted him.
HDM -I appreciate your response, I have talked with Alan,
I was hoping for "user" response