Audiodesk disc cleaner - anyone used it?

I have just recieved a cd lathe and it results in quite an improvement - wondering if anyone has tried the cleaner - it is a pricy unit and it is hard to see how it would improve dramtically over regular cleaning solutions.

I haven't used the CD cleaner, but I want to say something about the CD lathe.

I believe that the basic improvement using the lathe comes from the fact that the lathe trues and balances the CD.

I have found that doing both sides produces the best results in balancing the CD.
Krell Man That is intersting as quite a few people have stated that belief but in its recomended method of use it still leaves the outer circumference as it was and the manufacturer does not make that claim. I have got excellent benifits with one side only so I presume the "laser scatter" issue is doing some of the work - I will try the both sides method - must get a bit sharp

No, the edge doesn't get that sharp, I think that it's in the angle of the cut.

I accidently found this out ( by accident of course, like most 'discoveries' ) when I lathed one of my REM CDs that didn't have any real graphics on it. I lathed the wrong side by mistake, and then lathed the other 'proper' side.

If you look at the outside edge when you lathe the CD, you'll see how it's being trued. Then when you turn it over you'll see the same thing again and you can see while it's spinning how much more 'true' or round it is.

I did find that it definitely made a good difference. I assume because the transport doesn't have to adjust as much when it's trying to read the disc.
Interesting idea about balancing the disc. However, in my experience, the tolerance at the hub allows the disc enough play that I would question the products ability to truely center anything.

I did feel that the edge treatment made a subtle improvement in sound but IMHO the engineering of this product does not support the asking price. YMMV