Audiocubics ?

I’ve tried for 3 weeks to get a hold of this company and no reply. Can’t find a phone number.
does anyone know if they are in business ?
They  make a R cube unit with a remote control for vintage gear. 
Anybody help we with this ?

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My audio friend could help me with this. I’ll check it out.
Call me foolish but right now I’m using a Marantz 1060B and cant get past the Marantz sound. I’ve had many many amps and keep going back to the Marantz. The B is a step down, way down from the 1060.
id try a newer Marantz with remote if I knew I’d get the same sound but from what I’ve been told the newer ones do not have the vintage
Marantz sound.
Thank You

Thank You for the update, much appreciated.
i will check out the Chase
Can’t anyone help me with this ?  Maybe someone has one they don’t need any longer.I need to add remote to this vintage integrated due to health issues in walking and getting up and down to change volume.
I hate to give up as I like the vintage sound but may have to buy a newer integrated with remote.
thanks again,
I like that idea of the Saga-S
Thanks imhififan I’ll be checking that out.