Audiocraft AC-300MKII NOS -- What's it worth?

I have an NOS AC-300. Never mounted. Box, cables, documentation, old jar of oil. Has both plug in arms, straight low mass and S-shaped with plug in headshell. Has one problem: the screw that the anti-skate arm pivots on is broken. I think it can be replaced by a simple screw and some bushings, if you can get the right size. Probably 1.5 or 2.0 mm in diameter, by about 25 mm long. I don't know how to grade it, I assume somewhere between 8 and 10. Any advice on grading and value. There are no scratches, but the big hex shaped weight that mounts it under the deck has minor oxidation, as befits something of this age.

Regarding the broken pivot screw, it really is two parts. One part has a male thread, coming out of a knurled body, with a female thread bored into that body. That male thread screws into the body of the tonearm. The second part is a screw that treads into the first part, and has a smooth shaft near the head of the screw. This second part is broken, where it enters the first part. I think it may have been overtightened, or may have seized because of dissimilar metals.

I bought this a few decades ago, but never mounted it because it turned out that the motor had failed on the TT I had intended to mount it to.

Any thoughts about value and condition specification would be welcome.
Put it on Auction - the market will decide what it is worth.

Best of luck