Audiocraft AC 3000 Tonearm - Need Advice

I am currently in the market for a unipivot arm and wanted to know your opinion on this Audicraft model.
I have an interest in experiencing the virtues (or limitations) of this design philosophy and this is a model which I can afford and often come up in various locations for purchase. Since I can't audition every other unipivot arm made in the last 30 years I want to obtain opinions from folks whom may have familiarity with this arm to understand the following:
Is this arm well regarded in terms of built quality and sound reproduction?
Is this arm considered amongst the best (or better) arms made or is it generally considered an average arm.
Is this an arm which is so good that many whom have purchased it kept it as a keeper with little to no desire/need to upgrade?
Where does this arm sit relevant to build and sound quality when compared to the best regarded unipivot arms such as Graham, VPI JMW, Triplanar, etc?
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Dear Ruben1: Yes, it is well regarded in terms of built quality.

Graham?, well things are that the Graham is a copy of the Audiocraft ones.

IMHO and for an unipivot tonearm Audiocraft is a good alternative but is only an alternative to several today and vintage tonearms out there.

It is important to know with which cartridge or cartridges you are thinking to mate it. A tonearm/cartridge is a unity not two items/products but just one.

If the people that read your thread can know the cartridge model you own I'm sure that some of them could give you a better advise that mine in this post.

Regards and enjoy the music,