Audiocircle forum gone to the dogs?

Every time I visit it seems more and more controlled by Manufacturers and their trolls? Poor newbees that visit the site are like putty in the hands of all those "Good Old Boys" and whatever manufacturer one of the trolls drank beer with last night!

At least this forum (10:01 pm) is not infested yet!

I personally like the manufacturers presence at that site. Using sports parlance, I would prefer to call the enthusiasts there "homers" rather than trolls.
so good was wondering do you go by Flintstone at Audiocircle ?

You are correct in your observation above Audiocircle is mostly manufacturers and moderators

Good guys however different than here
I find the Circles to be just as you perceive, Dave. I have never learned anything of use over there, because I don't have any interest in their pet products. The whole atmosphere is way to up-tilt cigar in the face clubby to me.
Yes, I go by flintstone over there Bluemike. Troll may have not been the correct word to use as Wellfed pointed out..."homers" works.

I'm not saying that the people over there are bad...or the manufacturers. It does strike me at times that the manufacturers have very strong control over the threads.

I saw a thread over there which stated that if you got into it with one of the Manufacturers he had the power to ban you from the Audiocircle of the manufacturers did confirm this in that thread so it must be true.

That said, I still visit the site and do post although I'm slowly starting to wonder about the place...I kind of migrated from the old site that closed down (can't recall it's name at the moment) to Audiocircle when it opened...have not posted a whole lot there though.


Thats funny,(pet products) does seem outside products are not often the subject of the day although they do come up from time to time....the Belles 350A not long ago was one.

Good to hear from you Dave
You were kind enough to give me your impressions of the mantissa a while back

Nice talking to you again

Still have the mantissa in your audio chain ?
Hi Bluemike, yes I still have the would cost to much to replace this little honey of a preamp.

Using it with a pair of Rogue Audio tubed monos (M-120 Magnums)...great combo, driving my Apogee Duetta Signatures to near perfection.

I'll guess that your still very happy with you upgraded Mantissa?

Best regards,
Yes the Mantissa is going to remain for a while
The vcap inserts have made a dramitic improvement
Now it's time to for an amp upgrade

So little time so many choices...
Tell me more about the V-cap's Bluemike. I also have a Mantissa into a Mccormack DNA .5 near Rev A. Did you replace or just bypass the white output coupling caps (forgot the brand in there but I believe they are multicaps, which are already internally bypassed)?

Where were the improvements? Top end transparency I would assume. Anything else?

Even though this was posted 12 years ago the comment still applies today, even more so.
I used to go to audiocircle forums all the time until I had a very bad experience with a vendor who is a sponsor there and has his own forum. Long story short, I lost alot of money from this guy after I bought his crap gear and ended up selling it back to him at a loss.
I had posted my own very true responses to his forum as people asked questions. Questions like, "Does it normally take weeks for this guy to respond to emails about his gear?", "I cannot reach him by phone or email, has anyone else had this problem?". My answer would be, "Yeah I had that problem and ended up selling all his gear because I could not get in contact with him." The vendor banned me from his forum, and put my posts in the intergalactic wastebin!
Audiocircle is just a really fancy way to sell gear from vendors there as a primary function of the site. Second to that one can learn some general audio information there (and that is great) but really it’s not a forum to exchange ideas freely. Negative feedback or experiences about audio gear will be struck down and the reputation of that poster will be damaged, often by vendor fanboys or the vendor himself.
The main point is that..... don’t always believe hype about an audio brand or company ABC. You really have to cipher through the messages and experiences from fellow audiophiles and find the good advice. Try to understand that some sites, like audiocircle, will let the brand forums monitor the messages to enable their gear to shine. That is advertising, plain and simple....
I really think sogood51 had brought up a very good point.... some 12 years ago.