Audiocap PCU

I'm thinking of swapping output caps in my amps and was going to go with the Relcap PCU
I don't see much on this cap in the forums has anyone tried these caps for coupling positions in amps or heard them before.

At this point I would like to get opinions on how these sound for those that have experience with this particular cap

I currently have russian caps in my amplifiers and these tend cut off some of the higher octaves after carefull listening ..great midrange though

Opinions appreciated
Nobody has heard this line of caps that would care to comment ?
Any thoughts on the Audiocap thetas
How would they differ to the russian k40 caps I currently have in place
Still no responses ..suprised I am
Thanks anways
Any opinions on the Jensens and where to buy has Jensens, and they're on sale till the end of the month.
Thanks Face
What is the difference between jensens copper foil and copper foil paper tube price aside
I have extensive listening time with Russian paper/oil caps and Alu/teflon vs. the audio cap thea and can say all of the oil filled caps seem to roll off the top end dramatically.
I have several 2 way Superex ST pro B headphones I have loved for more than 35 years and i know there sound most intermittently,There is no surprises left to discover and i have compared more caps than I can list with them.
For the tweeter I have chosen The AudioCap Thea 0.01uf
My final review here.
Even the Mundorf Silver/oil dose not match the speed and shimmer, after the Thea is broken in it is a different cap,any bad reviews would have to come from green caps not broken in,they seem bright at first and not very open but after 100 hours they just blossom and smooth out.
The difference is much like Black Gates when they are first installed but give the them some burn in and for BG's 200 to 300 hours and Wow who opened the door!
The Thea's are not much different but they do NOT have a strong low end,they work well as a by pass cap with Clarity Cap ESA's and even SA grade to bring some bloom and sizzle to the top hats and ride symbol's not to mention brushes on a snare drum.
Because of the recent posting i'll assume this thread is still active. The PCU is a great cap! It sounds like a PIO cap with more resolution, focus, and detail, but with a natural, organic sound i've never heard from any other plastic cap. It may seem dark and rich because it's bass and lower midrange is so strong, giving the feeling of rolled off treble. The highs are there, but the ear will focus on the lower ranges more, giving the illusion of rolled off highs. It has a powerful "performance venue" effect, with great depth and space. This effect integrates the highs into the music, like sitting forty rows back in a concert hall. It may not work in some systems, or for all tastes, but if you crave this kind of presentation, you will be in audio heaven. The Theta is its little brother, and can't match the PCU in any area, hence the great difference in cost. It's the greatest sleeper among caps.
Thanks for the response
After much debating I finally settled on Clarity Caps MR
I'm quite happy with the results