AudioBench A5 or Passive speaker with receiver.

In the last couple of days I have become intrigued with speakers on my computer desk for my small home office.
Currently I just have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1.
Although I use my nice collection of headphones and amps for listening to music. But it would be nice to have some nice small speakers so I don't have to use the headphones all the time.

But I came acros these AudioBench speakers while crusing the web. Then I started thinking some more and remembered my nice Rotel RSX-1072 receiver which has been gathering dust for over a year. Then I though what if I instead got something like the PSB Alpha B1 or the Paradigm Atoms and drove them with my receiver?

Which way would you go? Off course these speakers will be up close. Anywhere from 2-3 feet away from me and probably 3 feet apart next to my 24" LCD computer monitor.

BTW is shielding important with LCD monitors as well?

-- Sanjay

-- Sanjay

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Sorry I should have mentioned, I am using the Benchmark DAC1 USB.