Audioart cables....... What do you guys think??


I have read a few reviews and some posts here on the Audio Art cables specifically the IC-3. I am just doing a general owners satisfaction survey of the IC-3, IC-1, and the SC-5.

Do you like them? How would you characterize the sound? What have you compared them to? What did they replace in your system? I am seriously considering placing an order for the IC-1 interconnects and the SC-5 speaker cables and would love to know what the users of these cables think.

I have spoken with Rob Fritz, and he is a great guy to deal with, pretty honest and straight forward, but I just would like to know from the owners their thoughts.

Ill post this mini review here if you will allow Eccbo...This may be of some help to you.

I tried a pair of Rob's IC-3 last year and was very impressed with them. At the time, I was using several different tube integrated amps..( Manley Stingray, Prima Luna Prologue 2,and a pair of Cary Cad 50M MkII monoblocks driven from a Modwright 9.0SE pre-amp)

All my power cords were Electraglide UK2 R/R's and ran RSA Poiema! exclusively in my systems. I bought the IC-3 from Rob to try it on my MR=77 tuner( but also did some evaluation post break-in on my CD (Jolida JD100 at the time)

I honestly concluded that the IC-3's got me close to the sound of the Reference Poiema!( orig. P1 cables)..but ultimately thought the IC-3 missed the pure treble and open mids of the P1 cables. The P1 having more a see through quality. The IC-3 a bit warmer and fuller in the lower midrange. At the price of the IC-3 compared to the then P1..It was much closer than I would have expected. I kept the IC-3 on the tuner which sounded fantastic! and the P1 for the CD player.

Then just last month, my father asked if I could recommend a good quality, yet non-budget breaking cable to replace all of his old potpouri of mixed cables within his nice system. I unhesitatingly recommended the IC-3 for him, and gave him my older pair of IC-3's.

To say that he was pleasantly suprised is a huge understatement. He ordered several pairs and has all IC-3 as his connects. He may be getting the SC-5 very soon. After I heard his system with the new IC-3'... I decided to get myself a new pair and try Rob's latest ( they now have new locking RCA connectors and calls them Ultimate IC-3's..)...I should also mention that I had upgraded all my P1 cables to RSA's P3!!! ( not Signatures) design since first trying the IC-3's last year.

I have to say that, Im again impressed how good the Ultimate IC-3 sounds against the latest P3..Still, the P3 is a bit "purer and a tad laid back in the soundstage( something I like)with a bit wider soundstage compared to the new IC-3's

But the IC-3 matches it dynamics and has the warmer and fuller bass.They have a bit more focus in the mids as well which sounded good to me. Image height and size are excellent. A very nice immediacy without any harshness at all. The new IC-3 seems to be much more refined than even the older IC-3 IMO and comes closer now to the sweetness in the treble of the P3.

My Usher speakers with their rear port seem to do better with the Poiema!!! P3 and my P1 SC combo. ( I have not as yet tried Rob's new SC-5)

The sound of the IC-3 is exemplary and really does come close to many reference cables IMO, falling short only as mentioned above. Much of what I found to be slight drawbacks will be very system dependant..paired with my Ushers and Cayin Amps brought the new IC-3 to a very high caliber sound without apology to the big guys. This cable is very good and hard if not impossible to beat at the price!! Congrats Rob Fritz and Thanks.
That is great to hear Kehut. I am interested in trying the interconnects myself, as I feel that its what my system needs at present.

I just placed the order for some IC-1 interconnects and SC-5 speaker cables, so I will see for myself when the time comes, but I would still like to hear from other 'Gonners how they describe the sound. That is most useful to me as I think my amp is a bit on the warm side, but the speakers are more detailed especially in the highend. I don't mind a rich sound at all, so i am fine if the IC-1s are rich sounding. So keep the posts coming!