Audio with a Computer source

OK, this is a little different than the norm, but here it is. I used to have quite the setup when I had the space and time to play with hifi. Starting to get back into it again and wanted to ask opinions on the "gon" as to where I should go with the setup. Some people may look at this post in horror and wonder why I got rid of my entire setup of a Pass Labs x350.5 mated to a Supratek pre powering a set of Totem Forests. The rest included Silver Circle Audio Pure Power 5.0, modded Shanling CD Player, and a Thorens record player that was given to a neighbor of Avery shit!

Time for the now. I am heavy into computers...really heavy. I went to school for computer engineering and had designed what I deem to be a pretty worthy media center pc. Not only is it completely dead silent, but it will put out lossless audio and hi def blue ray that rivals anything I've ever seem in the best of reference equipment. When I say silent...there are no fans, and the only thing that will spin is the hard drive which is encased in an enclosure that allows you to put your ear next to the unit and you will not detect anything but a slight vibration on the main casing. This is going to be the main source for my next project setup.

Here is where the dilemma starts. I have a set of Totem Model 1 Signatures to go into the mix but am unsure where to go from here. Do I just use an integrated amp. Maybe I should go to an integrated with a USB DAC and cut further into simplifying the signal. What about just going full blown and throwing this into a full Home Theater pre with a 5.1 amp and a 2 channel dedicated to the Model 1s.

I loved the smooth, detailed sound of the Totems with a Pass powering them. I just know that no multi channel setup is going to hold a candle to throwing a dedicated amp to those Model 1s.

Let me know what you guys think. I know that the digital is a bit off the norm for audiogon, but it's no worse than getting a high end setup together and putting a disc in. Same digital path, just no jitter involved.

All comments appreciated. Tubes or solid state. For or against the project. Put it out there!
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Your goals don't exactly seem clear. It seems like you want to do both home theater and great 2 channel. If this is the case I would go with a good integrated with a home theater pass through that can be used in conjunction with a home theater receiver or pre/pro and then have a good DAC to use with your PC.
I would go with something like the BelCanto DAC3 into the BelCanto Ref1000 mono blocks ... the little Totems like power and this would be a fairly simple set-up ... used they are fairly reasonable as well

good luck

You can do both.

Pick up an Asus sound card with HDMI out for multi-channel/HT. For 2 channel, you can either use the digital coax from the same card or a USB DAC.
I've looked at both the ASUS card and the Azentek. Asus has one that actually includes EFI shielding, which I thought was a nice combo there.

I'll have to look at the home theater pass through setups out there and get a better idea of what I'm looking at. I've just never dealt with trying to mesh a home theater setup with a 2channel. I've always kept them separate, but the new lack of space is forcing an evolution.
If you are looking for a computer source then I would recommend a Spatial Computer system. Shoot me an email if you want more information. It'll be far superior performance for the money you're looking to spend.