Audio web site

I have been using Audiogon website for a few years now and I find it to be very user friendly. I can find everything I search for if it is listed on the site. The only thing I wish for is for then to place a "thumb nail" picture on each Ad or have an icon to indicate that there is a picture of the items being sold. I would also like to see items listed or being able to sort alphabetically. I was wondering if any one else have these concerns. There is also another Audio website ( that I use to go to frequently several years ago, but I find that site to be very confusing and hard to find anything that I search for, they would list all kinds of stuff that you did not search for. Does any one else share my opinion? Do you know of any other Audio website that comes close to Audiogon? Yes I already know about
Obviously audioasylum but it's more confusing than audiogon.

somewhat off topic there's a new review site called stereomojo that's excellent. no forums for for sale ads but great, no b.s. reviewing over there.
Would be nice to be able to search for equipment by zip code/postal code and by price range for any given type of component.
audioasylum used to be good and easy to read. audiogon is slow to remove bought items, IMO.