Audio Visual Therapy........Exceptional service

I just wanted to say thanks to Mark and John at Audio Visual Therapy in Nashua New Hampshire.

I went there with my father to find a replacement for his 15 year old B&K Ref 20. He had some issues with BluRay soundtracks cutting in and out so it was clear a receiver with the latest codecs was in order. It was my first time there, I live in Massachusetts but it was well worth the drive.

They do home theater but they have a really great selection of 2 channel gear on display. They carry some great lines, Classe, KEF,B&W, C-J, Linn, NAD, Paradigm and Anthem. Plus the best headphone demo room I've ever seen.

Mark spent a great deal of time with us and is very knowledgeable, he's been in the biz a long time. I'm a 2 channel guy and he got me up to speed on the latest codecs and was able to answer every question.

We ended up taking home an Anthem MRX 510, it was perfect for my dad. After running a HDMI monitor out under the floor and new speaker wiring he was up and running in no time.

A great experience overall and I will keep them first in mind now when I get the itch to upgrade.
Great place. Both John and Mark are extremely helpful. They also carry Totem, including all the new Elements and the Kin line, as well as Aerial speakers and Bryston electronics. They have evening Open Houses with many reps and principles there. Vince Bruzzese from Totem and Michael Kelly from Arial are regulars. Dave from Record Genie also cleans vinyls there and will also pick up and deliver to the store. And, they do trade-ins. Brick and mortar store with all the latest gear, 2 channel, home theater and headphones. All this is tax free NH.

No relationship with them, except as a long time customer.

Good to see anyone selling hifi is still in business, and that there are still people willing to pay a premium, even top dollar, for AV gear!
I, personally, shop the mega ginormous, bargain basement, 10c on the dollar, readily accessible used market, myself ..soooooo I dunno what that's like anymore.
Must be awesome to sling hugh cash for hi end items that are worth exactly half of what you paid over the counter for em, the second they get unboxed at the house!
FUN COUPONS!! do they stil do it? No really...
Hey, I buy used gear too... but sometimes I buy new. I don't understand why you would post such a stupid, smart ass remark like that. It's guys like you that give this hobby a black eye....I was praising one of the last places around where you can actually listen and they spend quality time without rushing you to purchase something you don't need or steer you toward something you can't afford. Just decent guys giving outstanding service. Don't derail my thread with your bullshit. You belong with those douches over at AudioKarma .
Avgoround - I buy new and I buy used. A place like AV Therapy introduces me to new brands and new models. They let me try pieces at home. They let me bring my pieces to their store to try on their systems. I tried 5 100 lb. plus amps at home before deciding on the one I wanted. I tried many cables before deciding on the right ones. I buy used from them. They take my equipment in trade. I bought a used DAC from them which I was happy with for several years and when I upgraded they sold my used one for me. They did the same for my pre-amp. When I had to have warranty work done on my projector, they handled the whole thing. That relationship means something to me, and to AV Theraphy's other customers. They have a solid business based on customers who appreciate the service they provide.

The last speakers I bought on line were in perfect condition, except for the rip in one of the woofers and a completely shot tweeter. John got me replacement parts, even though he knew I bought the speakers used. Now, lots of used online purchases are fine, but not all are. I do not have that problem with a brick and mortar store.

I am not the type to try products at a store and then buy them online for cheaper or look for them used. If everyone does that, there will be no stores left, which would be a tragedy. I appreciate being able to hear something before buying it.

I bought Thiel speakers for my theater after spending a night with Jim Thiel at an event that John hosted. I learned a lot that night and purchased accordingly. Same thing for Vince for Totem. I got my Chord DAC from AV Therapy and when the first one died after only 2 days, I simply went in and got a new one and brought it home. Want some vinyl cleaned, just stop by when Dave is there. No need to send it out to someone you do not know.

I think you get the idea.

By the way you should thank us for buying new. Otherwise you would never have anything to buy used. By the same token the used market gives me an outlet when I want to upgrade. New and used work together. We need both. Your choice if you do not want to participate in the new part. Just be glad some people do.
oddiofyl, you're right. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience.
Seriously though, ..didn't know places like this still exist. Hell, Sound by Singer went belly up. Thought that was the last real financiallly struggling hold out. Appears there are others. Sad..but true
Sound by Singer didn't go belly up, they moved to a new location. I have had similar great customer service at Audio Concepts in Attleboro, Mass. I bought Golden Ear Triton Ones last week and I had some problems with the speakers. No questions asked, they delivered another new pair to my home on a Sunday morning no less, at 6:30am. That to me is the BEST customer service I have ever received.

I am so glad I bought then from Audio Concepts and not online or worse, used here. I would have been in rough shape. The salesman kept apologizing to me and I felt like I should apologize to them. If I am looking to buy something that they carry, I will always buy from them first. The level of customer service I received is rare in this day and age and the declining brick and mortar stores.
Avgoround: sorry my response was a little harsh, but I started the thread to show that places like that still exist.

There's only a handful of dealers that were there in the 80's

Now it's just Audio Lab and Q Audio in Boston/Cambridge. Goodwins in Waltham is mostly High End, like Boulder and Magico...although they treated me great when I bought my sub there. Spearit Sound in Northhampton is a 2.5 drive for me but some of my best deals have been there. They really stepped up when my DAC died after 5 weeks. They are good with trade ins too. I've traded in a few things there which let me afford to buy new when otherwise I may not have.

I live down the street from Audio Concepts.....they are good guys that offer personal service, something that is rare these days. They'll spend the time with you because they know the importance of repeat business. I bought a Blu Ray player from them last year, I suppose I could have bought in on Amazon but I like supporting local business.
Hey listen, Im just saying that the days of prospering "Ultra Hi-End" Audio Salons are, for the most part, a thing of the past. Only way for these dinosaurs to have survived, really, is if they integrated (no pun) custom into their business model, continue to sell exclusive high end stuff that is NOT available online (although it still is, and does), and they're located IN THE BEST UPPER CLASS, most AFFLUENT NEIGHBORHOOD you can find, thats a growing (building) community! Anything else, and they fought a losing battle vs every online discount warehouse on the east coast (and China), for no profit! Been there..done this...seen all that.
I must say that I do not go into hi-fi stores anymore, and I worked in a few over the past 2 decades. I simply play with gear in my own system, and move it on if it doesn't fit my needs. (it costs me nothing, ultimately..FREE HIFI!)
Hey, you can go to Carmax and they'll give you pennies on the dollar for your nearly new condition exotic sports car...and they'll also turn around and sell you the same thing for 3x's what you paid for it, if you're a buyer!!
This works for some...just not me. All I'm saying. I think it's the lazy route, for people who like to pay too much, and lose some "fun coupons" along the way, so they get an "experience". No problem. I just think the world of audio/video doesn't like that model as much anymore. Used survives, and new least over the counter.
Still, I respect and even enjoyed the years of prosperity of hi-end AV goodies and surround sound infantcy , represented in a nicely laid out store front, with a knowledgeably staffed sales crew.
Them were the dayzz.....