Audio / Video Lip Sync?

Here is the situation:
Epson 5050UBYamaha CX-A5200All B&K plus Emotiva Power AmpsPanasonic DMP-UB900 Blu-ray Player
I cannot get the video to sync with the audio...period! Tried 4 different Blu-ray players. All new 2.1 HDMI cables. Auto sync feature on the Yamaha turned on, turned off, manual sync, auto help.
Two Panasonic's, one Sony, and an early generation 4K Samsung. The old Samsung (UBD-KM85C) will sync, however. But not the others.

The video precedes the audio. That is, the characters on the screen start talking, lips moving, and then after a delay the audio kicks in.
I can delay the audio, and that is the only adjustment available. I actually need a video-delay feature. Or an audio advance setting.
Yamaha has been contacted. And thoughts? How do I fix this? Just spent big bucks ($$$) on an all upgrade to 4K. Plus two new Klipsch RF-7 III's that are still in the garage, in their packing. So depressed that I have no desire to bring the 7's into the house.
According to the on-line manual you can use the Manual delay adjustment in Lipsync. Its adjustable 0-500ms. Since sound travels approximately 1 foot per millisecond then according to my calculations you should be okay as long as you sit within 500 feet of the screen.
I’ve had a similar situation involving an Oppo player and Samsung TV. I needed to power down/up the Oppo, while keeping the TV on. It seems that there is a syncing issue going on, between the 2 pieces of equipment. The power up/down sequence solves the syncing issue every time.

I would build a power up sequence of your gear, i.e. open receiver first, TV second, Bluray player third, etc. and see if there is a power up sequence that solves the problem.

Can you share more details with which equipment the sync issue is displayed? Only when playing Bluerays, watching TV, etc.
To audio/video sync, my trouble is how to sync iTunes M4V videos to android phone with all audio tracks. Now there are much iTunes Video Converter for us to remove DRM protection and convert videos from M4V to MP4, MPG, AVI, etc. The one for me can convert videos to multiple compatibel formats with all audio tracks, subtitles at faster speed with zero loss quality. 
I’ve had a similar problem but it is about the Apple Music video on my LG TV. Then I solve the problem by redownloading the Apple songs via this Audio Converter Mac. The music quality even better than before.