Audio Valve Challenger 180 Users

I just bought a pair of these amps and would like to hear
your experiences with them;especially if you played with the mixing of tubes from the EL34,6550,kt88's,kt90's and what type of speakers were you driving with them.
I have a pair of soundlab m2's with impedance mods;listen to vocals,jazz,acoustic,classical and sometimes Pink Floyd will even visit.
Any feedback and experiences are greatly appreciated.
Regards and Happy Listening in advance.
Loved mine. They drove stacked PK 57 Quads. I had a bias resistor blow out, though and Sound by Singer refused to service them, although they "service what they sell" and advertised for them. I sold them, cheap, in a fit of spite/matter of policy, after that. Likewise,I got rid of some EAR stuff after "tube God" Paravincini himself took the time out to blast me out for mentioning to his West Coast importer that EAR England didn't return a call and I was jsut trying to order a replacement part.

I have a policy in my system: if I get crap from an importer or sales/repair center or a handful of ego and attitude from a manufacturer or designer, I get rid of their piece. My own immaturity keeps me from over-looking that.

My system is a reassurance: a shelter from the real world. Every time I turned on the AV's, I thought about Singer's attitude toward this expensive equipment which he sold and was now in my room: same with the EAR, it just reminded me of the designers abuse when I just wanted to order a stand off screw for a minor repair. Too many good guys with good designs to feel good about when using their quipment, instead of dealing with prima donnas.

Rationally, the AV's are extremely robust, well built and versatile amps and beautiful to look at on or off. I Used cryo'ed el-34s in them and, should have kept them, but replaced them with some of Gordon Rankins Wavelengths, nice amps from a designer that is truly one of the good guys. I can support him and feel good about it every time I turn on his equipment. That takes away nothing from the AV's: when used, they're usually quite underpriced for the quality that you get.

I used Wolcotts 220 monos with my M2s. The AV's would have certainly handled them, although with my el-34s, may have been a little "rich". Our tastes certainly are similar. Enjoy that amps and, God forbid, if you need service, I know a great guy in California who knows how to fix them right!
Still love mine. Using cryo'ed KT88 with NOS RCA clear tops and a NOS Sylvania black plate 5751. I also recommend using Pearl tube coolers and with the top cover removed (helps keep it cooler; something every tube amp can use). I have also used EL34s but prefer the extra punch that comes with the KT88s.