Audio Valve Challenger 160 VS Cary CAD 805C


I currently own the Challenger 160's but have always lusted after the Cary's. I know they are about as different as you can go in the tube amp world but still wonder if anyone out there has experience with them side by side. I have Revel Ultima Gems, which are fantastic imaging speakers, and I would like to drive them with amps that really play to that strength. In a nut shell I'm looking for more of that "the performer is in the room" presentation.


I had the 160's, which I purchased used, and sold them to move up to the 805'. There was a big improvement in the sound once I switched. I did not have the luxury to do a 'side by side', as SO required one to go before another came in the house. The most significant difference was a fuller bass sound. Go for them.
Thanks for the reply. I'm surprised you didn't see a big difference in the imaging and soundstage. SET amps typically have a lot of that "there" factor.