audio :the crazy room where they DONT WANT YOUR BUSINESS

from the street to the shows

it's worse than EVER! especially if your older

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I thought it was just me not understanding the OP's opening comment.
I think I understand his last comment.

OOOOOOOKay.....everyone calm down....

OP, please elucidate on your comment.  

Or, in simpler English, WTH are you on about?  What has jerked your chain?

Just because 'Agent Orange' has left the country doesn't mean we're about to devolve in chaos just yet....*shallow pun intended*
Your statement is thought-provoking, but you need to give some detail or you will just get these amusing responses. The dealers in this hobby can often be pretentious jerks, but to say "especially if you're older" just doesn't make sense, because we're the ones with the money. Can you tell us a little more about the experience that drove you to make that statement?
Just as I suspected, a global conspiracy the likes of which the world has never seen.
Since you describe yourself as "older", you may still be thinking in 1970 dollars. Example: The $4300 giving you fits, would be only $726 in 1970.
Ummm my 2 way speakers cost more than $4300 ten years ago. Go find something else to gripe about.
lol I didn't think I was giving ideas more like derision and eye-rolling.
Most of us have spent that and a good bit more for a 3 way speaker. Which speaker are you talking about?
I would just buy a 2 way for 2k and you would save 2.3k.

Your in the wrong hobby if you are worried about the price of stuff.