Audio Tekne speakers

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has experience with Audio Tekne SP8716-3.5C loudspeakers. Are they truly world's best monitors/loudspeakers or something of an acquired taste?
I'm informed that speakers using only one (broadband) driver is quite popular in Japan. The audiophiles who have them use single ended amps to drive them. I think one-driver speakers sound quite compromised in the bass and treble. Their strength lies mostly in the midrange, like the venerable Quad ESL-57.

I use these speakers since 3 years and must say they are realy good. You would not think that this kind of bass can be produced by a speaker as this and the midrange is surely superb. I used them with a 8w AN 300B amp but would sugest something a bit more stronger and maybe with a 16 ohm possibility, like Air Tight f.e.
At the moment I use my Horning speakers but might be quite happy to return to the AT.