Audio tekne phono pre $171,000

I know they have great products. Has anyone listened to one of these. At that price I would like to become your good friend.
Probably about 3 people have heard one, the designer, the manufacturer, and maybe a distributor.

There is probably only one or two of these units.

Units like this are built as an engineering "tour-de-force" and meant primarily as a "statement" of the company's design expertise. Most likely, you would have to order one, and it would be built after the order. They don't have a warehouse full of $171k phono stages laying around.

Even at the best, there MIGHT be one or two of these units sold. Even units at $30k only sell a dozen or two a year. If that. I'm talking about to the whole world. These units are expected to have very low sales volume, due to the price.

That being said, if anyone has heard one of these, I'd like to know if they thought it was worth it.
First give $50,000.00 to your favorite charity, then Buy a ARC Reference Phono or Conrad Johnson 15 and a Mercedes 320E. If you like I would wouldn't mind a Conrad Johnson Art II for the advice. You will still have plenty left over! Seriously I have been into high end audio since I was 8. And one thing I have learned is that super high end audio can be a super waste of money. You can buy second hand last years ARC , Conrad Johnson, VTL , BAT, Lamm, Levenson,SME,VPI,Krell, Etc. And own the best sounding audio gear for a lot less than the price of a house. Right here on Audiogon!
I hear there having a sale for this phono preamp. There giving a 1000 dollars off, so now its only 170,000. That is a steal.
And I think if you act now they are throwing in free shipping, operators are standing by...