Audio-Technica VM750SH Dual Moving Magnet Shibata Stylus Stereo Turntable Cartridge

I am not familiar with this stereo cartridge and stylus, but I'm considering purchasing it. The text in Amazon makes it sound attractive and what I think would work well with my Pioneer SX-850 stereo receiver and my Bose 901s Series IV.

I am wondering if anyone in the group has experience with this A-T cartridge and what your thoughts are. Most appreciated!

The cartridge and Shibata stylus are: Audio-Technica VM750SH Dual Moving Magnet Shibata Stylus Stereo Turntable Cartridge. Price $400. Price is not an issue, but I'd like to stay around $400.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Mark Ricotta
That is a reasonable price for a Shibata stylus cartridge! The Hana SL MC  is $750. What TT do you have?
It is a great cartridge for the money. I personally prefer AT's microline stylus, the VM750ML.  Another cartridge to consider is Goldring's 1042. It has a Gyger S stylus, the same one used in the $16K Clearaudio Goldfinger. 
I seriously considered the VM750SH because it seems to offer so much for the price.  I wound up going further upscale (ART9XA) because my rig merits it and can handle the brutally low output.  But getting a dual moving-magnet with Shibata for $400, especially from a well-regarded firm like AT, has to be very tempting.
I have one.  It's excellent!  IMHO, the microline stylus is a little too hot, (detailed and bright) for "my" tastes.

The Shibata gives me the quickness and jump factor, but with a tad bit of sweetness thrown in.  My favorite stylus shape for sure.

That's a great price too.
@mofimadness, The microline stylus is even more critical of set up than the shibata. Chances are you could have toned it down with a little more fiddling.
I find the belief that moving coil cartridges are better than modern moving magnet or iron cartridges interesting. In some cases it is just not true and Moving magnet/iron cartridges are certainly a better value all around.
For certain if rock and jazz make up the bulk of your collection I believe from what I have heard the best cartridges come from this family. In conversation with Peter Ledermann, he makes low output cartridges only because of marketing pressure. He believes high output cartridges are the way to go, more dynamic and much better signal to noise ratio. Of course he recommends his strain gauge cartridge over everything else. 
@mijostyn...I've set up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tables/arms/carts.  Kinda my forte, so I understand the more complicated and critical setup procedure of the microline carts.  So pretty sure, I've gotten them dialed in.

Still doesn't change my mind.

While I agree that there are some very good to outstanding MM carts, nothing compares to an upper end moving coil.  As much as I love many MM carts, give me my Koetsu or Kiseki any day...
Thank you for all your responses. I have a Pioneer Quartz PL- 550 Direct Drive Turntable. 

I also own a Mobile Fidelity V-LPS preamp, which allows me to use MM or MC cartridge. Since I'm also getting a fully refurbished Pioneer SX-850 receiver, I wonder about the safety and sonics of using that receiver with two cartridges, one being the Denon DL-110 and the other the A-T, as described above. The receiver has two phono inputs and I'm struggling how to make them all work together.
Your phono stage is a Musical Fidelity not a Mobile Fidelity.  It's going to be way better than the phono stage in that old Pioneer receiver, so I wouldn't even think twice about even using the internal phono stage.

IMHO, with the gear you have/are assembling, I'd look for a Shure V15TypeIII with a new SAS stylus.  Or a new Grado Black and install a new 8MZ stylus.

Both of those options would be around $200-$250.00 or so.

@mofimadness , If you have set up so many turntables you would know that Koetsu's are some of the worst tracking cartridges made. I can understand liking Lyras, Ortofons, etc. I have never used or listened to a Kiseki. Koetsu's are like Rolex watches. Rich people with very bad taste buy them which I am afraid includes me having owned a Rosewood Signature Platinum. The Ortofon Windfeld Ti is a much better cartridge. In my system only the Lyra Atlas is better than the Ti. 
As for the Shure V15, The Pioneer's tonearm is probably too heavy for it.
The AT VM750SH is a better fit for that arm. Other new cartridges to consider would be the Clearaudio moving magnet cartridges which share the same dual magnet design the ATs use. The Ortofons do better in a lighter arm. The Goldring 1042 is another excellent choice but just a bit more expensive. 
I was a Koetsu dealer for many years.  Setup a lot of them.  I don't seem to recall any severe tracking issues, but I'm getting old.  I still own several and I personally have never had an issue.  I happen to really like them.
I have found that the  Audio-Technica AT150SA phono cartridge is an outstanding sounding cartridge that would mate will with your table / arm combo.....IMHO

I believe I am going to purchase a 750SH and attach it to my HS4 headshell to add another cartridge for my system. I really liked the 540ML and the nicer body and Shibata stylus will be a nice addition to use with my 1200GR