Audio Technica Headshells how to use with no slots

I see a lot of various weight AT headshells, magnesium, available on EBAY. They are all tapped with 3 or 4 mounting threaded opening on the bottom to mount cartridges. I assume these are only usefull when being used with an SME sliding base ?

Also does not appear many of them have fine adjustment for azimuth or length, besides the pretapped mounting holes ?
Dear Waynefia: Almost all those AT headshells IMHO are very good ones and you can use any of them in almost any removable headshell tonearm design.

Other than the MG-10 all the other magnesium ones comes with azymuth adjustement as some of the AT aluminum ones.

Remember that when you use any removable headshell the headshell wires quality is very important so you need to find those headshell wire too.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Those headshells with azymuth adjustement have the connector wich can be moved back and forth. Ie the same function as the slots.

For what it's worth I believe I find that the MS models are the adjustable versions ???
Dear Waynefia: All the AT headshells that comes with azymuth adjustement comes with overhang adjustement too.

That build material was magnesium has nothing to see with those cartridge adjustments, this one is made from aluminum and comes with the adjustements:

Regards and enjoy the music,
I just downloaded a product catalog from 1982/83 and found the ideal one, which is the MS-8. Magnesium with all the adjustability. I am looking for lighter with all the adjustability, this one is 8 grams.