Audio Technica ATP 12T tonearm

Does anyone have any experience with this tonearm? I don't have much experience with tonearms and wondered how this arm might compare to say a Rega 250-300 arm. I bought a Technics SP25 table a while back and it included this arm and am curious as to it's quality. It looks very similar (actually I can't tell a visual difference)to an AT1503 if that helps.

I appreciate your comments.
Keep the AT arm if it is not damaged. This arm is better than a lot of current mid to low price range arms, like Rega 250-300. The only thing you need is to spend a reasonable amount to get a good tone arm cable. I have AT1005 mk2 on my AR "the turntable" and I am very happy with the sound from both the table and arm.
Dear Wwwrecords: I concur with Tinman. The Audio Technica tonearms are good units. I think that the name relevant tonearm manufacturer Audiocraft was the Audio Technica tonearm builder.

Btw, you already have it then test and be your own judge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thank you for your comments. I have been using and listening to this table and arm for about 5 months and have really been enjoying it. The reason I had asked, is that I don't have any experience with other arms, like the Regas or even SME's to know how it would compare. Which is why I asked, my curiosity was wondering. Looks like it is a good arm, just like I was thinking.

Thanks again.