Audio-Technica AT637 Electronic Stylus Cleaner

i have Audio-Technica AT637 Electronic Stylus Cleaner, is good for clean the cartridges?
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I had used mine 2 weeks ago to clean a very dirty ADC cartridge. Put a drop of stylus cleaning fluid onto the cleaning brush/pad, did a great job. Why do you hesitate to use yours?
Dear Orionpcgames: I own too and agree with Charlie28, very good.

Don't use it for every day stylus clean purpose. I use it with new cartridges and with " new " ( for me. ) second hand ones that I always made the stylus clean just before I even heard for the first time that cartridge, after that I only use it when through a microscope I see that the stylus cartridge need it.

For " every day " clean purpose I use a SC2+ by DW through a brush.

You have to think that the record/LP it self is a good cleaning stylus item when the cartridge/stylus is playing a record.

Anyway, good AT item.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Use mine once after every listening session. Use compressed canned air after every record side. Never had a problem or mishap.
The best stylus cleaner I know is a hunk of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser....get a lifetime supply for a couple of bucks at your local supermarket.