Audio Technica AT33PTG/II MC Cartridge, anyone have it or heard it?

This currently available MC specs are exactly what I like, does anyone have it, heard it, tried it, sent it away???

on ebay, $450. full specs shown

AT website, $550. 

I have another thread in search of a MC cartridge,

this is a new thread so everyone sees this specific question.

thanks, Elliott
I got the cartridge, all aligned, calibrated, waiting for Fidelity FRT-4 SUT to arrive on the 20th, then schedule with Bill to bring 2 of his SUT's.

It really is a shame AT doesn't use body threads so only top screws would be needed for easy movement during overhang/null settings.

This is the old fashion PITA nuts and screws, only worse. There isn't even a socket for the nuts to keep them from turning when tightening the screws, totally sucks.

Screws go in from the bottom, because the molded recess that receives the screw heads prevents holding the nuts if you put them at the bottom. Then, to make a fine adjustment, headshell off, lightly loosen, back in, check, out, tighten. No way could I put this in a fixed arm, it must be removable headshell. 

Totally sucks, Common Skinny Love, Common Threaded Body!
Oh baby, it sounds fantastic, playing thru SUT into beloved MM phono stage of beloved McIntosh Tube Tuner/Preamp mx110z.

SUT is Fidelity Research FRT-4.

other comments my moments ago post here:

thanks for the help!

Sounds like you're really liking it! the AT33PTG/2 is a winner and can easily compete with carts up to 2K from smaller boutique manufacturers.
The only thing I don't like is that it tracks at 2.0 grams, I am used to:

Shure V15VxMR which tracks at 1g

AT440ml 1.25g

Shure Elliptical 97xe 1.25g

Grado Mono 1.5g

I believe the AT33PTG-II is beating the Shure V15VxMR because of it's greater channel separation, and it's tighter channel balance. It's not frequency, they produce the same range, detail, it's not about preferred bass kick as I expected, the AT is simply more 'open', the same sounds, but some space between. I keep saying, when you tweak balance of a track that is a little off, sometimes just a little bit, it is surprising how much of a difference it can make, this is similar to my ears. 

The last 2 tracks of side 2 of this, all 3 guitarists play together, one of my all time favorites, and a very revealing test are better than I ever heard them with no doubt. They are 2 great tracks to refine anti-skate as well.

The Shure is going upstairs to my office system, to have a listen out with the AT440ml on the Mitsubishi Vertical Turntable LT-5V

Someone said separation and specs are not a way to choose a cartridge, perhaps, but this AT33PTG-II has the best specs of any cartridge I own, and sounds better than anything I have ever owned, or heard at my Audiophile friends systems.

of course various ... is different than ... published specs are:

AT33: SUT 6.3mv; 15-50k; sep 30db; bal .5db, track 2.0g

Shure V15.. 3mv; 10-25k; sep 25db; bal 1.5db, track 1.0g (brush option)

AT440ml: 5.0mv; 5-32k; sep 30db; bal .75db; track 1.25g

Shure 97xe: 4mv; 20-22k; sep 25db; bal 2db; track 1.25g (brush option)

Grado Mono: 4mv; 10-55k; track 1.5g

I always preferred my Shure V15VxMR over my AT440ml, but primarily because of the brush, in TT prior location on springy floor, now both main and office systems are solid, no bruch needed. We shall see tomorrow upstairs.

Just to complete this thread,

I prefered the AT440ml to the Shure upstairs on the Vertical Mitsubishi LT-5V (no dust issue in my office like downstairs) 

I realized, downstairs, cleaning/testing LP's for sale on eBay, I was putting wear on the fixed stylus MC,

So I found a compact tonearm to squeeze on the left side, now 3 arms, Mono left side; MM rear (removable headshell); MC right side, testing LP's on MM now. Keepers via MC. 

photo here

3rd input of SUT came in handy. I got darn lucky along the way with this project.