Audio Technica AT33PTG/II MC Cartridge, anyone have it or heard it?

This currently available MC specs are exactly what I like, does anyone have it, heard it, tried it, sent it away???

on ebay, $450. full specs shown

AT website, $550. 

I have another thread in search of a MC cartridge,

this is a new thread so everyone sees this specific question.

thanks, Elliott
I ordered it, I couldn't wait, torture of research. I've read good things from people not on the forum and past members about it's sound. 

Thanks for the advice I couldn't wait for!

It's specs are nearly identical to the special year 2000 issue AT ART2000MC, which, if I find/buy will cost another $200. to fix it's old suspension

be here thursday, I'll play it thru Bill's Denon Au-320 SUT then to my mx110z tube phono.

Any SUT advice?
@elliottbnewcombjr I do have an AT33PTG/II in my line up and think it’s a terrific cartridge, Audio Technica gives you a lot for the money especially looking at the specs! This model was only available in Japan and Europe, but it sold so well that it became available here.
In my system, this cartridge is very nicely balanced with enough snap and detail to keep me interested and enough tone to make it musical sounding. It tracks well with very little surface noise and I did not have to tinker much to get it to sound really good. Not the best cartridge I have but it gives me enough of everything and would be excellent for every day listening. I think you made a wise choice, let us know how you like it.
Thanks, that’s encouraging,

Now I am after a good SUT choice for it/s .3mv10 ohm to end up into my mx110z’s MM Phono 3mv/47k input

I started a separate thread asking for help with that.

The AT 33 PTG 11 is an exceptional cartridge for the money if you have the phono stage to use it. A step up with a 1 in 20 gain will work very well. Get a good interconnect between the step up and the phono stage and enjoy.