Audio Technica AT33EV different versions? On RP6?

I was thinking of trying a low output MC on my new rega RP6. The Audio Technica AT33EV looks like a potentially good one that will not break the bank.

Does anyone know if there are different versions out or NOS being sold between these multiple price points:

Amazon - $351

J&R - $500 (some good reviews here)

Needle Doctor - $589

Should I check for serial numbers, production dates or something else?

Has anyone tried this cartridge on rega arms, specifically the RP6 arm / table? Do people consider it a excellent, good or poor match? I've been told rega arms like high compliance carts and the AT33EV seems to be in the middle of that range. I would be using it with my Jasmine LP 2.0 mkII phono preamp. It looks like it comes with a nice protective stylus guart like the 95E or my current cart, the Ortofon MC-3 turbo.

Looking forward to see what people have to say about this combo. TIA.
If you could spend a little more, I've had this model and loved it:

I think it's worth the extra dollars over the regular version.
@mofi, what table / arm did you put it on? What phono stage are you using and what are your music prefs?

Again, TIA...
Scott...I had it on a fully blown/modded Rega P25/RB600, (upgraded subplatter, platter, outboard power supply, counterweight, etc.)

I used it through the phono stage in my Modwright LS100 preamp.

My music preferences are: female vocalists, Steely Dan, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, etc.
@mofi, thanks! I might order an AT33PTG/II directly from Japan.

Anyone have good experiences with Japanese ebay sellers for this cart?
Scott...I've bought 4 or 5 cartridges from Audiocubes2 at the link I provided. I have always had great service and quick turnaround. I think shipping via airmail is only around $20 or so.

I've never bought from any Japanese cartridge sellers on E-Bay, so I have no experience there.
I think I will try to order one of the AV33PTGII from 2juki from ebay as others in the forums have given him excellent marks on transactions.

@mofi, how is the stylus guard connected / removed? Does it slide on / off or click on / off?
The stylus guard pushes/slides on from the bottom towards the top. It's a pretty big guard and covers most of the cartridge.

I have bought a couple of things from 2juki and had no problems at all.
Sbrown; if you order the cartridge, be aware...

I have been using an AT33PTG for years and really enjoy the cartridge, but you need to be aware that you're purchasing a product not authorized for sale in the U.S.A.; it has no warranty either here or in Japan. That's usually not a problem (other than the legalities of grey market goods), unless the supplier decides that they won't replace or refund a defective cartridge. Now you're stuck. No warranty, no manufacturer assistance.

I received a defective AT33PTG (stylus was mis-mounted) and it took 80 days of email exchanges with the supplier before I got a replacement. The chances of having any problems are slim, but just be aware that if something does go awry you don't have much recourse.

Thanks Tom...
If you check with the Amazon listings for the AT33EV, you'll find that they are for the most part Japanese vendors. Now, before you pay an extra $200 to get the AT33PTG from Audiocubes2, check Amazon again, and you'll see that the Japanese vendor partners on Amazon go as low as $518 for the AT33PTG/II. While Audiocubes2 has good customer service according to customer feedback , so does Amazon, and you can save nearly $200 besides.

Also, before buying from a Japanese vendor, always check with first. If they can stock it, there's a good chance they have a better price.
2juki has received quite positive feedback on this forum plus eBay offers buyers protection along with my credit card company, so will probably go that route.
Dear Sbrownnw: Yes, I can attest that 2juki is a trusty seller as Audiocubes2 but this one is always more expensive As other posted Amazon is an additional alternative for the same cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the musiuc,
05-26-13: Sbrownnw
2juki has received quite positive feedback on this forum plus eBay offers buyers protection along with my credit card company, so will probably go that route.
Are you talking about the AT33EV or AT33PTG? Right now 2juki has the AT33EV but not the PTG. I think it's worth going for the PTG to move up from an elliptical stylus to a MicroLine. The MicroLine is particularly desirable on a MC cart because--according to my local turntable specialty dealer--that stylus shape lasts a lot longer than other stylus shapes. I have around 3000 hours on my original AT150MLX MicroLine stylus with no hint of wear, distortion, or mistracking.

There are several Japanese vendors on Amazon with high satisfaction ratings.
I will probably go the PTG route.
Just ordered an AT33PTGII earlier this week from 2juki. Seems quite professional and cannot wait to try it out. :)

When you get the AT33PTGII and have it up and running, please post your thoughts on it, and what arm and phono stage you are using with it. I'm somewhat interested in this cartridge too, and also in how your transaction with 2juki went. I was almost ready to order a Nagaoki MP-500 from Japan when I saw this thread, so I'll hold off for now to see what your thoughts are. Thanks.
My system is detailed on my system page and in my threads. I can answer any specific questions you have.
I love my AT33PTG. If the PTGII maintains the sound and build quality -- and the specs read like a great improvement -- then it's an incredible bargain at these prices.
Audio technica products are the only cartridges I use. Surprisingly, I find their budget MM ones are just as good as the mid priced ones. Try their 30 to 50 dollar line. I have found that their musicality trumps the other more expensive ones. I have a vintage Dual and my system just rocks.

PS: their headphones are also a steal.
The PTG/II is available on eBay for under $500.
BTW, I've heard that the PTG/II is marginally better that the OC9/II.
There's also an OC9/III. It has a higher compliance than either the AT33PTG/II or the OC9/II (18 vs. 10).
Check the tracking force on the OC9/III compared to its predecessors.
go for the at33 PTGII..due to his stylus it tracks better than the ev version.

Consider also the dynavector's a wonderful match with regas tt

Since a lot of AT33EV users/past owners here? Maybe thoughts on actual compliance (for use with Clearaudio Satisfy arm):

- Static compliance: 40×10 - 6 cm/dyne
- Dynamic compliance : 10×10 - 6 cm/dyne (100Hz)
Weight: 6.9 g

So maybe it is really 15-20 cu...

Maybe end up with 8.5-10hz RF based on based on actually compliance and extra weight?
Listening to my RP6 with GT ref sub platter and the AT 33PTG/II and could not be happier with the combo.