Audio Technica AT33 PTG or AT33R

Anyone here have any experience with either of these cartridges? I am shopping for a MC cart to use with my VPI HW 19 IV/SME 309/Azur 640p setup and would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, on these cartridges. I have done a web search but have not found much info on this line of cartridge. Thanks in advance.
not familiar with those specific models (models var from country to country, but over the last five years i have purchased two AT cartridges that play well over their retail price....smooth, dynamic, great bass.
I just purchased the AT33PTG while I was in Tokyo. This is "The" cartridge the Japanese Audiophiles prefer according to every audio store I was in. It outsells the top Denons by a wide margin and is more expensive.

I just put it on my Thorens with rega 700 arm, so I will let you know after it breaks in. So far it is very good right out of the box, and I like it better in the bass than my Sumiko Blue Point Special EVOIII.
Hi Hififile, have you tried the Denon DL103 prior to purchasing the AT 33PTG? Any idea whether the 33PTG will shine with a low-end phonostage?
The 33PTG is a fine cartridge - maybe just a bit toward the darker side of neutrality, but with a generous bottom end, and capable of extracting a lot more information out of the grooves than the DL103, for example. That said, the 103 is an amazing cartridge for the money and has to be one of the most consistently musical cartridges ever made (especially if your tastes lean away from classical as the cart falls short on unraveling complexity and on dynamic scaling). That said, the 33PTG is only $150-200 more than the plain 103, so it's well worth exploring.

IMO, spend your money on a good phono stage first, and worry about the cartridge second...

Thanks for the sound advice Richard. It was helpful. I have read about the importance of phonostage and was urged by one of my friend to get a better one first before I look at a higher-end cartridges. Seems like the phonostage is the way to go before I upgrade to the 33PTG.
Hi, Ryder. The AT33PTG is a fine cartridge. I've been running one for more than two years now. I added a Dynavector DV-20XL and use it on my primary turntable but still listen to the AT33PTG on my other turntable.

The 33PTG doesn't have quite the dynamics or resolution of the 20XL but in my limited opinion, the AT33PTG is one of the better values in LOMC cartridges. The 33PTG has many of the qualities of the 20XL but is a bit less refined in the detailed nuances of plucked instruments, piano key strokes, and cymbal shimmer as examples. And the tonal balance of the 33PTG is slightly more forward and the mid-range less developed; it's not a dramatic difference though. It seems to be sensitive to damping (loading) but isn't overly fussy about it. It conveys fairly natural sounding vocals and stringed instruments. It presents a good solid thump with percussion but not as well defined as with the 20XL. If I couldn't afford to replace the 20XL, the 33PTG would be first in line.

Hi Tom, thanks for the detailed evaluation between the AT33PTG and Dynavector DV-20XL. It is interesting to note about your comments on the additional refinement in the detailed nuances of plucked string instruments, piano key strokes and shimmer of cymbals in the 20XL. I listen to a lot of music with acoustic guitar, piano and percussion, and as such, detail, refinement and tonal accuracy are all important aspects to me. I feel that my current Denon DL-103 cartridge coupled with the low-end MC phonostage in my integrated amp are the culprits in the slightly fuzzy sound in piano notes. Strings sound fine to me but I wouldn't know what improvements a better cartridge and phonostage would bring. Nonetheless I now have 2 options to think about in my next cartridge upgrade. Thanks again for the advice.