Audio Technica AT150MLX vs Grado Ref Platinum

Which cartridge would you recommend? I am going to use a Pro-Ject Perspective II turntable and a Bellari VP 530 phono stage. I am also going to digitize my LPs using the VP 530.

I like quick transient, dynamic, smooth highs, full midrange, and tight bottom sound. I listen mostly to Pop, jazz, and some classical. Thanks.
I have owned each version of the wood body Grados, (Platinum, Sonata, Master and Reference). I never warmed up to any of them. I could never get past the pretty long break-in period before I sold them. I found them kinda boring to listen to and a little dry sounding. I'm sure if I could have reached the optimum break-in time or more, they would have been better. I own (2) of the Audio Technica AT150MLX's and really enjoy them. They are livelier, more open and more dynamic. Indeed a best buy...
Thanks for you inputs. I guess I may buy both of them and do a shoot out.
I haven't heard the AT150MLX, but my Sonata is anything but boring and dry. To my ears, it has one of the most realistic and natural sounding midranges I've heard in a cartridge. The timbre is spot on. It may not have total control over some bass tracks, or have the top end sparkle or nuance that some carts offer, but the overall feeling is extremely inviting and warm. I kept it for these reasons. I whole-heartedly recommend it.
both are great buys... the at150 is indeed a giant killer.