Audio Technica AT150MLX preamp suggestions?

I just picked up one of these am trying to work out the capacitance issue in order to smooth out the treble. I currently use a pro-ject tube box seii, and 120pF is its lowest setting. Combined with my interconnects and Rega RB250, I'm a good deal above the recommended 100pF-200pF.

So, what phono stages ($200-$400 used range) are folks out there using with this cartridge that allows them to remain in the capacitance ballpark? From what I've read the audible differences using various loadings are not subtle.

Thanks in advance!
Hi, I have experience with loading this cart and I can tell you that with my monolithic pre set at 100pf, I like it better than the 0pf setting. Total capacitance around 200pf works best so if you can use low capacitance interconnects like blue jeans cables, you are set. With that C value, the best rsistance loading is around 40K. You can add resistance in parallel using a Y cable and get there easily. Decreasing the resistance will yield terrific results with your C value set at 120pf and your cable capacitance around 100pf or so.
I use a Jolida JD-9A with my AT150MLX and the Jolida's adjustability makes for an excellent match. There is 100 pF in my cabling and the Jolida offers anything from 0 extra capacitance to 47 pF to 100pF and beyond. So I was able to load my cartridge (including interconnect) at 100, 147, or 200 pF. All worked well, but my favorite is 147 pF total. I had a chance to buy a Musical Surroundings Phonomena II for a great price, but it would have imposed a minimum load of 300 pF on the AT150MLX. I went with the JD-9A and am glad I did.

The JD-9A is an excellent match both sonically and specifically for load matching. I've enjoyed my LP rig (and AT150MLX) a lot more since getting it. It has a full size chassis, fairly big, robust power supply, and AC socket so you can use an aftermarket cable (which I do). It's available new at about your price range.