Audio Technica AT1009MKIII

Anyone have any experience or knowledge of the AT 1009MKII arm? I have done some searching on the internet, but have found very little information on this arm. I did manage to find the User Manual on Vinyl Engine, but that was pretty much it. Is it a good arm? Is it worthwhile using an a technics SP-25 project. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Hello there,
The AT1009 is a descendant of the AT1005 Mk2, with quite a few enhancements along the way - VTA-on-the-fly, reduced effective mass (18gms rather than 22gms when used with its own headshell), and (a positive if you like it) the pneumatic lift arrangement.

I have always found the AT arms to have superb bearings. Many people think of the AT1005Mk2/1007/1009 as old-fashioned, but if you are using a medium to low compliance cartridge they work extremely well.

Assuming that you are building a plinth for your SP-25 project, you have the ideal opportunity to incorporate the pneumatic lift, and I think you would be well satisfied with the arm/table combination, given an appropriate cartridge.

I use an AT1009 on my Lenco GL75 project, and an AT-1010 on my SP-15, so you can tell that I like them!

Hope this helps.