Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP and AT-mono/LP

I'm wondering if anybody is using either or both of the
Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP for 78s, or the
AT-MONO/LP for mono 33s?

They are pretty reasonably priced and seem to be a good fit with my
Fidelity Research FR-64s and the headshells I have for it.. assuming I am doing the calculations correctly:)

also.. your thought on the Denon DL-102SP tracking at 19 grams!?
I just bought the 78 rpm model (from LP Gear) and it came yesterday. On the
first few 78s I've played, it is REALLY great-sounding. Very low surface noise
and a real feeling of immediacy. Blows my other 78 carts (Grado and Stanton)
into the weeds. This is on an old Empire table and arm I've dedicated to 78