Audio Technica AT-1005II parts

A friend of mine recently got a fantastic deal on a technics sp-15 with a AT-1005 mkII tonearm. Overall the deck and tonearm are in fantastic working order. The only problem is that the tonearm is missing the counterweight. Being that obviously these are now long out of production, where the heck could I find a counterweight? Has anyone had any experience with where to find vintage parts or even possibly an after market counterweight?
Dear Micah79: This is the retailer for the AT1503 tonearm ( similar to the 1502 and 1501. .), you can buy from him the 1503 counterweight:

or you can ask for some one build the counterweight for you locally ( not big deal to manufactuer. ).

Regards and enjoy the music,
You could get someone who owns one to make appropriate measurements. A machinist would be able to make one.

I have one someplace, and I would be willing to make the measurements. You need dimensions and weight.

E-mail me through the forum.
You're in luck: see here
Thanks for the heads up Banquo363. Regretfully by the time that I had a chance to see your response the bidding was over. Hopefully there will be another.
Hello there,
I have a spare AT1005 Mk2 counterweight assembly (both parts) in reasonable condition. I am in the UK but will post to you. Email me if this is of interest and we will work something out.