Audio Technica ART9 cartridge

Has anyone heard it ? I am looking to move from a AT33 PTG to an ART9. There are hardly any reviews of the ART9. Can anyone suggest about its performance ?
If you like your AT33 there's not much to think about, you'll love it. Its more balanced and has higher resolution than the AT33 but still keeps all the musical qualities that AT cartridges are known for.
Thank Dkarmeli. You have an amazing system!
I will be buying the ART9 and post back here.

Interestingly for the same price as an ART9 I can buy a Lyra Delos too but AT33PTG did things that the Delos didnt quite managed to do. The Delos definitely more powerful sounding though.
I'm a fan of AT cartridges beautifully balanced and musical, not familiar with the Delos.
Which AT carts do you use in particular
Hi Pani,
Sorry, I missed your question, I don't get email replies forwarded to my account.

Right not I have AT ML170 and the AT33PTG/II set up on a table, but I have other AT cartridges sitting in the cabinet waiting their turn.

I use a ATOC9 MKIII. I love the cartridge and its amazing on mono records too.
Anyone have an update on their experience with the ART 9? Still loving my ATOC9MLII but am wondering what the ART 9 might bring to my system.
I own an ART 9. Most life like sounding cartridge that I own. A few that I have compared it to.
1) Accuphase AC-2
2) Benz Micro LP'S"
3) EMT Einstein TU-3
4) Kiseki Gold Spot
5) Mayaib
6) Roksan Shiraz
7) Shinon Red Boron Improved
8) Sony XL-88

I could go on but you should have understood by now that this ART 9 is something quite special!
I love my limited edition Audio-Technica ART-2000 cartridge, 1000 units made for Japanese market in year 2000 as AT reference cartridge. In my system it sounds amazing with ZYX CPP-1 headamp to MM input on my WLM Phonata reference phono stage. For the price i paid it's a top cartridge. I'm not sure which serial model was a successor of AT ART-2000 for mass market but there must be one.