Audio Technica ART 9

Good evening. Does anyone know if there is an American retailer - other than a few sellers on Ebay - who is selling this cartridge? None of the usual suspects (Needle Dr., Acoustic Sounds) are carrying it. Is it not being offered in the U.S.?
I was always wondering why Audio Techinca didn't have a direct competitor to the Denon DL-S1 in the US. Now, I guess they do.
From everything I've read the AT ART9 is actually superior to the Denon DL-S1. Of course it's very subjective by nature and YMMV.
I saw that LP Gear has it. Is AT having a distribution issue in the US? It seems like there are very few places carrying their cartridges, especially their higher end ones.
LpTunes also has it. I wonder if there's some relationship with LpGear. They're both in the Las Vegas area but have different addresses. I wonder if one split off from the other and they both use the same distributor?
Johnnyb53...LP Gear and LP Tunes have the exact same address and fax phone number.

Same company.