Audio Technica and Technics Tonearm

Hi all, 
I plan on getting an AT VM 540ML cartridge pre-installed on a head shell.

I use an SL 1200MK5

Would I be able to plug it in and use it after the VTA, tracking weight and anti-skate set up without bothering with the alignment? 

My eyes are not too good , so the preinstalled cart would be a great help


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Should be fine! Just use Technics overhang gauge, there is a mark for stylus tip position.  Tonearm must be parallel to the record surface when the needle is on the record. If it’s not parallel use VTA adjustment on tonearm or add thicker mat.

If your headshell does not have slots it can be a problem.
Some Audio-Technica headshells does not have slots, instead there are treated holes, with this type of shell it can be impossible to make fine tuning (move a cartridge forward or backward in the headshell, or twist it if needed).

Thank you Chakster. 👍🏼
And, don't panic if you think it sounds a little thin and bright at the start. It'll take 10-20 hours to wear in until the frequency balance levels out.