Audio tech stylus replacement source - any help?

I have a vintage Audio Technical moving coil cartridge. I'm advised the stylus in worn and needs replacing.
No outward identification of model, but the color is gold (top) above black.
I'm told this model is well passed available, perhaps 20 or more years, but well worth saving - one
of the very best of it's time, I'm told.
Can anyone identify from this feeble description what this model might be?  Also, Is there a source that can effect a stylus replacement on such an older model A/T?
Any help is much appreciated, fellow addicts!Bo
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I've used all of them without any issues
Should have read the entire post, I thought you had a MM. My bad
Actually, I don't know if it's a moving coil, or a moving magnet
type. But I'm told it's a top model for Audio Technica at the
If the stylus is user replaceable it’s a MM, (usually). If it’s a fixed mount...MC.
Do you know the model number? It is probably on it somewhere.
I appreciate the responses, folks!   If It is a moving coil, is it salvageable by a pro?
A lot of people use Soundsmith. He's been at it a long time & would let you know if it's possible. He know's cartridges & has made some very respectable ones (to say the least).
O-o-ops!  There's a 2 under the Audio/tech logo on the bottom of the
brown (Botton) section of the cartridge. Tough to see in the brown without a strong light.
Does this help?
Is it still attached to an arm or headshell?  If so, remove it and the model number will usually be on top of the cartridge.

If you can post a picture, (you can't here, but somewhere like Photobucket or an equivalent website), then post the link on here.

I should be able to tell you want it is once we can see it.
chakster you out there...?
Chakster??  No Comprende. Nicht verstehe.
Mofi: I think I'm better off sending the cartridge in it's shell to 
Sound Smith or Needle Doctor and let them deal with it.

Thanks to all who responded. That's what makes the Audiogon
site special! Best,
Chakster is one of the members who knows more about audio technica than Mr. Technica himself. 
Dear @broockies: First than all no single AT manufactured cartridge comes with that number 2 in stylus holder but Signet  cartridge model ( Signet was part of the AT group. ) that comes with the symbol of A That's a TK7 and the top of the line was the TK7SU.

Anyway, you can send to Andy whom can tell you if it's worth to fix it:  

It was a good performer in its time. You said the stylus is worn. Why not make a test: cleanse the stylus tipand listen an LP and decide about/what to do. If the cantilever is not straigth this could be not a severe problem that impedes to listen it. In these ways you can know  at least how great is that stylus worn and if both cartridge channels are in fine condition.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

@boxer12, I always say that each single day is a learning day for all of us.
raul, I totally agree! Thank you for your dedication. I've tried a few of the MM you've reviewed & have been very happy with them.  
Raul; Thanks for your input!
As earlier recommended, I'm sending the cartridge to Sound Smith for their assessment of the stylus - and identification of the cartridge.

Thanks to you all for your interest and feedback!Bo