Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete vs.DCS Elgar+/Purcell

I am considering both these products for firewire SACD and red book processing.Any qualified opinions greatly appreciated.Any veiws on firewire equipped transports also welcome--multi channel or stereo.
I have never heard the dcs stuff. I have an Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete Variable with balanced outputs. No one in this country has the proprietary Audio Synthesis Link equipped transport except Donald North, the US distributor. As far as I know Firewire is not in Audio Synthesis plans. From discussion I have heard there are problems with jitter. Audio Synthesis has developed their own system called ASL. The DAX Discrete sounds very good with a coaxial connection from a Marantz SA-14 that I am using as a transport until my modified Pioneer DV-47Ai arrives. Should be soon. I feed the DAX Discrete output directly through 50' Mogami microphone cables with outstanding results. I am told that the proprietary optical interface is a significant upgrade, I am anxious to hear the results. I am very pleased with the DAX Discrete without the ASL. There is an Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete Variable user in Spain that has heard the dcs unit and chose to purchase the DAX Discrete. His name is Jose and his system is listed at Audio Asylum. He uses Merlin VSM-M loudspeakers and a Berning amp. Feel free to write if you think I can be of assistance.
i too have a dax discrete, fed however by the asl converted transcend transport. i've compared this interface with both coaxial and aes links (using eichmanned valhalla and az mc2, respectively) and the dual st link beats both comfortably. the application of io-gel takes the asl link to an even higher level. as a longterm user of audio synth gear, the upgrade from the earlier dax decade was a natural progression and i did not audition the dcs gear. feel free to contact me directly if you wish.
Colesy, what is io-gel?
Hi Colesey, I too have an ASL'd Pioneer 757i and a Dax Discrete,. What is the Io-gel that you mention?
It's a gel manufactured by Aural Sympbonics for use with AT&T glass-fibre links. A form of contact enhancer, if you will. See link: