audio switcher

wondering if anyone uses an audio switcher and if so what they are using. i have the analog sources and only one analog input on my dac/preamp. it would be used for phono, ipod, and an internet radio box.
I have used a Dynex component video switcher, model no. DX-CVS4, to switch between line level audio signals. It has four sets of inputs and a remote control. It works just fine, even though it doesn't have the requisite four-figure retail price demanded by audiophiles everywhere as proof of quality. ;)

Since you have an iPod and a DAC, you might want to consider, as an alternative, getting one of the iPod docks that can bypass the iPod's internal DA converters and will allow you to run the iPod into the DAC.
I initially bought the one that monoprice has for real cheap, and not surprisingly it degraded the signal and introduced a lot of interference. I then purchased the Niles AXP-1 and have not had any issues. This is a basic passive switch with no remote.

As for what rdavwhitaker said, the pure i20 is such an ipod dock that is reasonable in cost. I have not heard it though.
I use a Kramer VS-55A. Switches between a tube phono stage, digital tuner and cd into a Sophia Baby. No sound difference with or without (direct) it. Bought it on Audiogon for $75.00.
Like Aps7k I have used a Niles AXP-1 input selector for switching sources. I was surprised as to it's weight and build quality. I thought it was going to be some lightweight switch box but it was quite solid. I've had no issues sound wise at all with it.
I had asked the same question and ended up with the Goldpoint. It works flawlessly, no degrading the sound.
Good luck, John
I got a reasonable deal on an older PS pre amp. I use it to feed into my Sophia Baby via the tape out on the pre. It works whether or not I turn it on. But I found I could use a Sub with this. I do have to use both the volumn control on the amp and the pre. It's working well in my situation. I paid more for an extra IC cable than I did for the pre.

I dodged a few unecessarily complicated and/or expensive bullets trying to find a suitable device.

I then discovered that one high priced option was basically a rebadged Niles AXP-1.

As Jedinite 24 points out, it is surprisingly sturdy and for < 1/3 the price of the Goldpoint, for example, made the most sense to me.
thanks for the help guys--now to sell off some equipment