Audio switch with 1 input and 2 outputs

I'm planning to set up a vintage system in parallel with my main system. I'd like to be able to switch the RCA output from an AR turntable between the phono stage that drives my main system and the built in phono stage of my Marantz Model 18 receiver. I found one that seem to do the job, but it has mini plugs. Any suggestions?

go mini plug to RCA adaptor.
If you can't find what you want commercially and you don't want to deal with adapters it would be a relatively simple job to make one yourself with three pair of chassis-mount RCA jacks, a small project box and a switch.
Chad & Sfar,

I've never used mini plugs, but wonder if a mini-to-RCA adaptor would add distortion. The particular unit I've seen on the net is only $25, so not much to loose. At $25, it's probably not much more than Sfar recommends, and a lot less work. Knowing my skill at soldering, I always let the techs do it once I was a post doc.

This would provide a very high-quality solution:

Alternatively you could make one yourself with a DPDT C&K or Eswitch mini-toggle and some high-quality female panel mount RCA connectors.