Audio stuff that is impossible to install right (or stay installed right)

(your own experience only, no trashing others please)

What are your most frustrating experience to install something?

In any's mine's:

1) Salamander Designs Archetype 5.0 Audio Stand

The infinitely adjustable stand....

2) Aurios Isolation Bearings

Need a perfectly level house with a perfectly level floor and rack that do not move nor vibrate, and that's before you try to put your equipment on top of them.

3) Earlier Antique Sound Labs 845 tube monos 

Watching the bias swing insanely while the mono blocks were idle without signal - I should have videotape that just for fun.

I had no issues at all with the Salamander stands, though they do require a lot of turning and turning and turning.... :)
My brilliant idea was to make custom speaker stands for my heavy monitors using two metal stands fastened together top and bottom.It took way more fiddling and cursing than I expected:(
Doing the full monty upgrades and mods to the Lenco 78 and having the Lenco keep consistently correct speed. It only took me 5-6 years to finally get it right, but now, it is as good as any of the systems in sound I’ve heard at Axpona--the speed is now ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and stays that way. Plus, it now has the torque to pull my 8 lb. copper platter in addition to the Lenco’s original platter. With all the upgrades and mods I’ve done, it is jumpin’ dynamic, dead quiet, with stunning clarity and NO listener fatigue. I now have the Maplenoll Ariadne killer, which I used to have for 8 years. The Lenco is the equal of beauty to the sound and is much better than the MA in all other ways. It is heavy though at about 120 lbs. I have to give a shout out to the Pete Riggle Woody arm and Benz Micro Ruby 3, along with the Audio Horizons TP 8.13 phono pre--optimized for one cartridge, mine! It’s a wonderful and Iive sounding combo. And it looks good too.


P.S. Much PITA over the years to get to so much listening pleasure. Now, I will say it was all worth it. For awhile there, not so much...
I build a “sound proof” room with double walls. On the inner wall I used 0.75” MDF, then special cock, then drywall. I also build MDF boxes around the air conditioner vents that ran through the ceiling. Packed the space between the walls with mineral wool. 

It took forever and was super hard to work with. Hard to even screw through.