Audio stuff I've lost in my own home...

I have had a few audio related items disappear from my home over the years. Not misplaced but gone. I've searched over and over for them to no avail.
1.Set of 2 brand new Eichmann Bullet RCA plugs unopened.
2.Krell remote for a 300i integrated amp, since sold.
3.One of the three little black nuts that hold the VPI nameplate down on my turntable.
Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?
man you must keep a tidy organized home. i am impressed. i,ve lost more than that within arms reach of my recliner. i,m currently looking for a dozen rechargeable aa batteries stolen from my remotes by my 12 year old for his xbox controller. gone!!!
I have lost several cartridges among many other things. One right off a shelf; no , no one else took it unless it was the little people. I can't find some parts I ordered for a tone arm right now; the anti skate outrigger for my Grace 707 has been missing for a couple of years. I have a box of parts for my SME arms that is here somewhere [maybe]. I haven't seen my good multimeter in a few years either. All told, you aren't doing badly.
Little items like you mention yes, but the remote is a little different.
If security camera will not help, than you should contact ghost hunters to install their equipment in your home.
I once misplaced a pair of Apogee Scintillas.

Finally found them when we moved.
There was the SONY discman that I put in a bag with some groceries and proceeded to throw down the garbage chute, once I unpacked the groceries.

I found a pair of Grafyx SP-6 speakers packed away in my basement a while back. I had wondered for years what had happened to them.
You all are just trying to make an ADD wetland scientist and music lover feel good. 'Course I never lost a pair of speakers...yet. Pretty much everything else.
I'm missing one of my Coincident ICs and the remote for my Dynaco CDV.
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Gone crazy looking for about ten R2R tapes, and small integrated amp. These have not been used in awhile. I can only think they felt neglected and ran away.

Missing cd's or cases, my better half. I've gone to making her dubs.
I lost my mind trying to hear the difference between my 10 and 12 guage dedicated circuits.
Lost my patience last night trying to put 3 shims under my cartridge; every time I would try to tighten the bolts the little buggers would pop out and hit the floor. Finally found it again; unlike my youth and good eyesight. I fear they are gone forever.
02-05-12: Audiofeil
I once misplaced a pair of Apogee Scintillas.

Finally found them when we moved.

How did you misplace something that big?
I think the sad part for me is I find stuff I forgot I bought.
About fifteen years ago I bought a Sony CD player with the beautiful Koa wood side panels. I needed to have some repairs done so I removed the wood sides for safekeeping. I put them somewhere in the house where they would be safe but forgot where that was. I have never found them. The Sony is long gone, but so are those side panels.
I lost a remote. And here is the weird thing. It's the remote for the DVD player in my second system. My bedroom system. One night I fall asleep while watching a movie. I have a clear memory of waking up, seeing the screen with the menu indicating the movie had played through. I notice the remotes (TV and DVD player) on the bed. I turn off the TV and DVD player using the remotes. I push the remotes to the side and go back to sleep.

The next morning I cannot find the DVD remote. The really strange thing is that when I am sitting on a certain place the on the bed the DVD player turns on. So you'd think that the remote was somewhere in the bed. I turn the bed and cannot find the darn DVD remote. And then the DVD stops turning on when I am on the bed.

Periodically I search for the remote. I turn the bed: remove sheets, remove the mattress, etc. I move the furniture, etc. I cannot find the darn remote.

This was several months ago and, periodically i repeat the process of moving all the furniture looking for that darn remote. No success.

I have not used my second system since. I can't use the DVD player without the remote. I'm convinced that as soon as I break down and buy a new player, as soon as I set it up I will find the remote.

Kind of like when you are cleaning out the garage, or kitchen or whatever. And you come upon some item that you haven't used in years so you decide to just get rid of it. And then, in a week or so something happens and you need that exact same item that you had just thrown out because you thought there was no way you would ever need it. And now you need it.

Anyway, that is the only thing that comes to my mind that I have lost.
I haven't lost much stereo gear, but I've lost four recording mics, a DAT recorder, minidisc recorder, keyboard amp, mic stands, and loads of cables. I'm just glad I bought everything second-hand.
This gettin old thing ain't all it's cracked up to be, just sayin.
This may be confusing but:
I have only lost items when I am looking for them.
When I am looking for something alse I find the other lost item.
I think it's because I put things where I know I will find them later and then forget.
Well, this thread must have been a harbinger of good things.

The Coincident IC turned up this evening after my spending something like a year looking for it. Thanks, everyone!
Never lost anything in 40 years.
I have lost CDs before, temporarliy, when they've gotten knocked out of their drwaer slot in back and fallen backwards or pushed back out of their spot. Longet missing was about six months before I thought to look behind the drwaer slots at the bottom of the drawer. I almost bought new one to replace it (Gillian Welch). Glad I am such a procrastinator.
I'm w/Liz....over 2000 cd's and I bet I lose/misplace a couple a yr......just lost one of my favs, Lucinda Williams.
My mind as it relates to stereo gear.
I remember being married and listening to music with my wife...haven't seen her in a while. She must be around here somewhere.
I usually blame missing things on the X-wife. She knows missing things drive me nuts.
A Denon AU-300LC step-up transformer. I was moving, and it just vanished. I suppose one of the movers might have lifted it, but I seriously doubt they had any clue what it was. Weird choice of they did. I still feel like I'm gonna open some drawer or box and there it will be. Ended up getting an AI Modulus 3A w/MC boards on account of the loss. Expensive (for me) silver lining to that cloud.