Audio streamer/storage with DAC that doesn't cost an arm and leg

It came to a point that i have to separate my audio setup from my Hometheater system leaving my oppo 105D purely for video streaming and BRays. Currently my audio set up is purely for vinyl listening and i would like to add unit with built in DAC that would allow me to play downloaded music and audio streaming such as tidal/pandora. 

Is there a hi resolution player with built in DAC that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? My budget is $2-3k and so far on my list are Cambridge Azur 851N, Sony HAP ze1s, a used PS audio direct stream or naim ndx (if lucky to find one for $3k). I also heard about aurender but no idea about it. 

Let me know guys what you are using? 

I use a Bryston BDP-2 (streamer/storage) BDA-2 (DAC). They just released a BDA-3 so you can find BDA-1s and 2s here on Audiogon and  In my opinion, Bryston makes a high quality product and has excellent customer support. 

You can also build your own using a raspberry pi and hifiberry DACplus combo running volumio for less than $200.
If you have a newer smart phone or tablet of decent quality why not try that before taking a plunge on a special more pricey device?

iphone 6s or iPad analog out sound quality might surprise you.  It did my local dealer and me as well when I used it to audition some gear there.  I happily use them now as alternates to Squeezebox touch and dacs in my systems now.   You just need a good quality audio application to stream with.    I use plex.  You can install plex server for free on a home computer and stream via $5 plex app on various devices using wireless connections.   Remotely via Internet as well.   Plex sound quality is top notch and you can also access digital photos and videos on your server similarly.  If you have a phone or tablet or other device to run plex on already and a computer with disk space total cost to try will be $5.    You'll need software to rip as well.   I recommend dbpoweramp also a great bargain.  If you rip files no matter what be sure to maintain a backup for the day the disk or host device dies.  
Chromecast Audio ?
Pearlcfam - thank you for your inputs

Mapman - what unit do you recommend to link an ipad/iphone to my pre amp?

coli - i will check on it