Audio stores in Washington DC???

I am heading to Washington DC for the week and was wondering if there are any DC folks that could guide me to the cool high-end audio stores there. A street address, if you are local, would be great too. Thanks in advance!
Deja Vu Audio, Mclean, Va for tubes and analog, Gifted Listener Audio (703) 818-8000, 5720 Pickwick Rd., Centreville, Va for Linn, Levinson, Ayre, and Thiel. Deja Vu has a website, but I'm not sure the address. Soundworks (301) 929-8600, 10526 Connecticut Ave, Kensington, Md, probably has the best overall selection but they're known to be a bit unpleasant to deal with. Good luck!
I would recommend Deja Vu audio. (
I've been there about a dozen times. Really nice owner who knows his stuff. Very analog and tube friendly.

I've been to Soundworks as well. They seemed OK but I've heard some strange things about them. I personally have never had a problem with them at all.

There's another shop in Bethesda. I'll get back to ya on the name of that one.
I think you mean JSAudio, they're on St. Elmo ST. in Bethesda.
I DO NOT live in the DC area, but I have had good dealings with JS Audio. I have not dealt with any other dealer in the area.
Best in the area are Js Audio and Deja Vu. If you want to look at equipmetn check out Soundworks. they have all the big names but althoughI have never had an issue with the, they are the typical snooty hi fi dealers
All the above are fine. There is also Sound Images in Betheda and Rockville. Ok place to look around, but in my book those folks don't deal honestly.

Hey "Aball"..... how are you doing, and welcome to the Nation's Capitol. Now, as far as audio stores are concerned here in the Washington, D. C. area are concerned, here are a few that you should check out as soon as you arrive in town.

And they are:

(01). Deja Vu -- Mclean, VA (I've never visited them, so I don't have an opinion one way or another since I am mostly solid-state and digital, but if you like tubes and analog, then by all means, pay them a visit).

(02). JS Audio -- Bethesda, MD (my overall hands down favorite. They are more so solid-state and digital than they are tubes and analog. But they give unbiased honest opinions all the time, and the staff is very accommodating. They are in the Meridian, Bryston and Mark Levinson camp).

(03). Myer-Emco -- Washington, DC area (the place you want to go to if you are interested in McIntosh or Meridian).

But I would stay away from SoundWorks if I were you. They are the most stuck up people I have ever seen or dealt with.

Anyway, welcome to DC, and I hope your visit is an enjoyable one.

Whether Soundworks folks are stuck-up or not I don't know. Anyway, you better drop in there for the simple reason they have by far the largest selection of decent gear to sample in the area.
Check out their website....
Agree that Soundworks has the best selection I have ever seen and I have bought some gear from them as well. I haven't been there for awhile, but it used to be if you read about it they had it. Ask for the sales manager. If it's the same one I dealt with, he's ok.
I travel to DC frequently and visited Soundworks once. Once was more than enough. Pretentious, snobby salesman. The entire ambience made it impossible to enjoy the listening experience. If this kind of treatment is of any importance to you, save your time and forego the visit.
Thanks for the replies! I will surely check out Deja Vu and JS. I went to Soundworks on a previous trip and did not like the staff either, although the selection is very good. They were reluctant to turn on cold amps(?). They are not very friendly, that is for sure and I have read online complaints from their customers. Thanks for the info - Arthur
JS Audio
4919 St. Elmo Ave.
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Nice, professional, interact with Bethesda/Chevy Chase clients -- fairly expensive lower end and up

10526 Connecticut Ave,
Kensington, MD
Wide range of products and many listening rooms, loose in their client care and demonstrating equipment (bordering on dis-organized), it's more of a hands-off approach, there are customer complaints on the web and there's no website

Dynamic Sound
6401 2nd Pl
Washington DC 20012
Never visited, only has 3 lines of speakers, they feature VMPS speakers which use ribbons (I would like to hear these), also have Von Schweikert which is very, very well known and respected brand of speaker.

Gifted Listener
5720 Pickwick Rd
Centreville, VA 20121
Nice guy named Tom, is set up almost exclusively for 2-channel listening, been in business long time.

United Home Audio
10820 Guilford Rd, Suite 209
Annapolis Junction, MD
They carry high-end stuff and some affordable stuff. Crazy website, but it looks like they've been doing it for some time. Not clear about their relationship to the Audio Visual Solutions home theater folks in same location - different suite.

Deja Vu Audio
1401 Chain Bridge Rd, Suite 203
McLean, VA 22101
Heard from others that owner is nice and knows a lot, they carry good equipment. open on Sunday after noon.

Audio Clinic
12160 Tech Rd
Silver Spring, MD
(301) 587-0070
Mostly home theater installation, would need to check if set up for 2-channel audio listening to compare speakers

Audio Visual Solutions
10840 Guilford Rd. Suite 402
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
Haven't seen or explored website. Maybe they are new.

Near Field Audio
Columbia, MD
not open on Sat or Sun

The Listening Room
Old Court Road
Pikesville, MD
open only on Saturday and Sunday

Doctor Audio
5732 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, MD