Audio stores in or South of San Francisco?

I'm driving up the coast this week from LA to San Francisco, and am looking for audio stores where I could get good advice on and listen to different DACs.  Also, if they have a good selection of used gear, that would be a bonus.  Any suggestions?
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If I were you I would contact any stores that you are interested in visiting in advance as they may not be able to accommodate in person visits. That being said Tone of Music in Castro Valley is my favorite place to visit.
I suggest you determine what you want to hear and then contact these stores and also Tone of Music posted above:

Audio High in Mountain View

Audio Vision San Francisco

Music Lovers Audio Berkeley and San Francisco (has used equipment)

Harmony Audio Video San Francisco

Tone of Music

Because of COVID-19, some of these store may require an appointment. I do not know. Please see the web site for these stores to see what DAC’s they carry. Have fun.
Great suggestions -- thanks!
Another audio store to visit and they definitely require an appointment.. They carry some interesting brands:

Elite Audio San Francisco

If you are looking for a DAC, please look at the Bricasti M3 DAC (they also make other DAC models)
Try Gene Rubin Audio in Ventura.  Good ear.  Good guy.  Good fiddler, too.  By appointment.  805-340-2270.
@ericsch, Unfortunately, The Analog Room store in Campbell, CA is closed.  I agree it was a great store and I liked working with Brian.  

His web-site says "After over the last twenty-seven years of being at the forefront of analog two channel Hi-Fi sound in the Bay Area, we are retiring"!