Audio stores in N. Virginia?

Moved to Reston Area in Virginia and looking for "local" dealers in my area. Any options around here? Thanks.
Hey Tom-
Welcome to the area.
My highest recommendations go to Deja Vu Audio in McLean, which should be about a 20 minute drive for you. Vu is an really good guy, a super knowledgeable and engaging owner with a great set of ears. You'll be glad you dropped in.
Tom , You are a very luck guy because you are right down the road form a very good audio store, Deja Vu Audio. It is located at 1401 Chain Bridge Rd # 203 , Mclean , VA 22101
Daja Vu is a really fun place to visit. It is quite unique in that they sell tube gear almost exclusively (the have Conrad Johnson, which sells some solid state and Bel Canto), and much of that tube gear is gear made exclusively for them. They also have some extraordinarily rare Vintage Western Electric gear, like a 16A horn system and 59B amp. For more commonly available brands, they have Audio Note, Harbeth, ProAc, Synthesis and Sonus Faber.

Another interesting store is Command Audio in Falls Church Va. They carry more conventional high end brands and have quite a lot of lines, such as Magico, Raidho, Neat, Constellation, Audia, Aurender, and ClearAudio.

Centerville Va. has Gifted Listener. They carry Ayre, Magnepan, Linn, Vandersteen and VTL.

All of these places are friendly and pleasant to just visit.
I would recommend checking out Scott Dalzell at Viva HiFi in Vienna VA. Scott is passionate about audio and determined to help his clients get the best possible sound for their money. He carries a some well know brands like VPI but also lesser know stellar performers like Modwright and Daedalus which might be a nice alternative to some of the dealers mentioned above who carry mostly "mainstream" products. Good luck!
Let me be the fourth to recommend Deja Vu! Incredible store if you like tubes and analog. I have one of their amps and preamps and couldn't be happier. And welcome to the area, DCer here.

I concur w/ the above. You are very close to some really outstanding Audio shops- enjoy!

Keep me posted as you visit these guys on a one-by-one basis.
Post your thought/impressions here, as well as, the gear that was auditioned. The northern VA is rich w/ dealers/retailers especially the Falls Church area.
Conrad Johnson factory is in Fairfax VA additionally.

Happy Listening!
Hi Tom,

Welcome to Virginia. I am only a few miles down the road from you in Ashburn. Right after Dulles and before Leesburg. How is your LPS settling in? I remember discussing with you a while back dialing it in and other things.

As far as audio clubs in northern Virginia, few. Perhaps we can start our own. The car scene around this area regarding auto clubs is pretty big. I will shoot you a PM to discuss getting together.

I really like Gifted Listener Audio - bought a lot of my stuff from there.

I've also been to Evolution A/V in Tysons Corner.

There's also Command Performance A/V in Falls Church. I've met some of the guys from there at the Capital AudioFest and they seemed to be good dudes.

If you're into headphones, local Head-Fi'ers usually meet at the George Mason Regional Public Library. There's one coming up Saturday, November 7 from noon - 4:30 p.m. Here's a link:
Yage I concur with you also on Gifted Listener. I used to live out in Reston and bought my first system from there a Bryston B-60 and Rega Planet combo. Tom Unger is a very nice guy and its a nice store for more mainstream SS stuff.
Went Commandav in Falls Church yesterday. Was treated very nice and was impressed at how many good lines of gear they carry. Would have bought a used Einstein The tube MKII preamp if my better half wasn't with me.
Tom that's very cool and just checked out their website what an amazing selection. Did they have much gear setup to listen to? Very curious about Leben, Line Magnetic, and DeVore never heard any of those brands firsthand.
They had the new Devore 10 (I think) floor standing three ways set up and sounding wonderful. I think the price was around $15K for the pr. They were driven by a 300b amp but not sure which one.
Another recommendation for Scott Dalzell at Viva HiFi in Vienna VA. I bought some cables from him and has a listening hosting at his house Dec 5 to listen to a bunch of new equipment if you were interested. He is a great guy and very knowledgable as well. Simply cares about music and is great to talk with.