Audio Store in Twin Cities?

Any ideas as to the best 2-3 Audio stores in Mpls.-St Paul?
Definitely on the list:

HiFi Sound
825 Glenwood Ave Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 339-6351

An excellent store with a nice range of brands and equipment, and also an excellent selection of used vinyl for sale. Well worth a trip.
The best 2-3 ? How about the only 2 . Hifisound located downtown mpls. Poor salesmen . Very uppity . Carry 2-3 brands sold elsewhere. Audio Perfection in Bloomington . Nice assortment of products . Ok salesmen . And last but least Stereoland in Bloomington .
Howewver a new store in uptown is said to open in mid March .
Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget Jerry Raskin's Needledoctor, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, outside of Minneapolis. They always have some great stuff on display.
Incidentally, I can't say I have had the same negative experience Maplegrove had with HiFi Sound -- they have always been very friendly when I have visited, and the brands I have listened to there include VTL, Electrocompaniet, Nottingham, and Dynaudio. They also often have some interesting used and consignment equipment on display.

I haven't ever been to Audio Perfection, but I hear it is a very nice store.
Any Audio Research dealers?
After all, this is their backyard.
Audio Reseach is sold at Audio Perfection . Along with Magnepan, Atmasphere and Belcanto . All made in MN !
Thanks guys, a big help !
Boy, I have not had the experience that Maplegrovemusic has had at HiFi sound. Their staff has always been very helpful, very knowledgeable, very accomodating and patient. I had a very good experience there. They also have a very large collection of used vinyl that I plunder every now and then.