Audio stands for Turntable and amp isolation ?

I have a old old house and need better control of resonance. I have the worst possible stand now a old chest of draws with lots of floor contact. I only need a shelf for turntable (vpi prime) and intergrated amp (mac MA-7000) .. would like to spend 1k or under (prefer under) what is everyone using ?

A good wall shelf is the way to go for the turntable, you can get ones with a sub-shelf for your amp as well or buy two
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Thank you.

I think a rack is mpore what I am looking for than a wall mount

any one know how Salamander is?

Thre best rack/stand I have used to date is from Lovan - cost around $400 for a 4 shelf unit

It's their entry level stand similar to this one...

But buying the stand was only the begining...
- I added sorbothane between the shelf and the steel frame
- I made thicker shelf for the TT and amp to stand on
- I added 12" x 12" granite tiles under source components
- I added foam (drawer liner) between the granite and the shelf
- I added 18" x 14"  3/4" thick granite under the TT and amp
- I added Large isolation feet between the floor and the stand

Now everything is very stable and vibration free

You can fill the legs with shot or sand as desired, by in my case the granite provides the mass required to keep the stand stable

Each shelf has spiked feet which I believe helps keep each component isolated

I do not think i would use a wall mounted shelf on a timber-framed wall because te wall can vibrate. Trying to stop that would ba a huge task

Hope that helps - Steve

Yes, a wall shelf on a timber framed wall is a resonance/stability disaster. Even on a solid wall it's highly suspicious because at the point of stylus contact the shelf could be flapping about alarmingly albeit at levels invisible to the eye. 

But if it has to be a wall shelf then I would suggest that you get one that has the most support at the furthest point from the wall like the ones Rega make and pick the most solid part of the wall that you can.

The amp will be far less sensitive in this regard so you could make do with some sorbothane footers, or the ones Herbie's make. Failing that there is always the old inflatable inner tube!

 Take a look at Timbernation.   Maple stands with the number of shelves you need.  
I use Solid Steel racks for both of my systems, one of which has a VPI Prime.  You can check them out at Music Direct. 
well afer much study I have decided to spend more than I wanted which is always the case I went with

any experience ?