Audio Space CDP-8A vrs Jolida JD100A

Anyone listen to the newer Audio Space CDP-8A? Just read a couple of reviews and Affordable Audio that read well. Similiar price point to the older Jolida JD100A or modified JD100A? Wondering if any owners have compaired the two? I understand that Underwood Hi-Fi sells both, who I will contact shortly. Nice to get a Audiogon owner respond. My system has tubes..Quicksilver amps, Audible Illusions and Vandersteens...Thanks,
I have a modified Jolida in my office system. I did have it in my main system for a couple of years. I have Vandersteens and a modified Jolida 502 also. I felt the Jolida was pretty good. But I also felt it was missing something. It was much better after the mods but still I felt it was not what I really wanted. It lacked the top in sparkle I wanted and the weight in the low end. That was my equipment and my experience.

I did hear the CDP-8A at the Guangzhou Hi-fi show last year. It was used with a complete Audio Space system. The Reference mono block amps and preamp. They also used the Audio Space monitors. I was really impressed with the sound. I think I still might buy the amps.

But I did not have it in my own system so ? I end up changing to the Rega Apollo and then finally the Esound Reference cd player. My gut feeling is the CDP-8 would be a better choice. But in the world of audio it's all up to you and your ears. Enjoy!
Audio Space gears are surprisingly good sounding.
Just a quickie:
I had the Jolida for a few years. Wanted to get HDCD capability. Tried an OPPO BDP95. Found it good but a touch threadbare compared to the Jolida. Tried an Audio Space CDP-8a (tubes, like the Jolida) and sold the Jolida.
I honestly do not find the Audio Space any the less smooth, warm and rich than my JD100, and maybe it is even a bit more resolving; but, most importantly, with both of them, and not so much the OPPO, music was inviting, beautiful, and very involving.
(I listen to classical orchestra music to judge stereo and the sound of massed violins is my premium standard. I use Shahinian Hawks and a Sunfire Signature amp.)