Audio Space amplifiers

Has anyone heard of Audio Space, and have listened to their amplifiers, namely the Audio Space Nova 34?
Yes, I have heard of them. The company is in Hong Kong, and is highly regarded in Asia, especially in Japan with several awards from Japanese Audio magazines. The U.S. distributor's office is here locally. I caught the sign around the corner of my eye by accident one day while driving down the street. So I stepped in for a listen. The stuff sounded pretty good, but I was unfamiliar with the music and speakers.

There's a 6 moon review. Have you read it?

6 Moon Review
I recently heard the Reference 3 (805 tubes), with Scheu turntable and Usher loudspeakers at an audio show. Pretty nice sound. Looks like they have pretty nice build quality.
I have the AS ref.3 with the KT88 tubes. This replaced a Llano Designs A200 amp and a Thor TA1000MkII preamp. I have Von Schweikert VR4Sr speakers. I feel the change was an all around improvement. The mid range is much more "organic" or real. It took a long break in, but the bass finally appeared and is excellent. The only concession to the solid state amp is volume which I don't use as much as I used to. I purchased my AS from Von Schweikert Audio after several conversations with Albert. VS upgraded the caps in my amp before shipping it to me. All in all I am very happy and am enjoying listening to music and not thinking about equipment.
I heard their amps at the Audio Karma fest in Michigan. The small room setup they had sounded fantastic, pushing Gini systems LS3/5A monitors with bass modules. This is just my opinion, but I think it was one of the standout rooms of the whole show. I tend to rant and rave about a specific design feature in tube amps: adjustable global negative feedback. This is one of the features these amps have, and without it, your stuck with a feedback point that may not be optimum for your speakers. My tube integrated has this feature, and it's amazing how much difference is acheived with this adjustment. I think these relatively unknown amps are VERY good. Hope this helps.
They were on display at FSI in Montreal last April playing into a set of Harbeth mini monitors. Sources were a Scheu turntable and a Shandling cdp. One of the best sounding rooms at the show and one of the amps I'd investigate if I were to make a change in my system. Sat there quite a while just enjoying the music.
The latest issue of Affordable Audio (November 08) has a review of the Ref 3.1 integrated:
Hi, i have had Audio space amps for long time, i currently have the pre-2 and AS-6m Monos with 300b..They are damn good equipments, reliable ,well built, sound fantastic!!, cheap to buy.. i have more joy using these than my Audio research REF3 with Ref 210 that keep blowing up!!
I have Ausio Space Nova 34. Very nice for the money. I wonder which EL-34 to retube?
Hi LUNA, as i told you before, the current production Mullards are very good tubes, or EH, they do everything very well...the stock tubes belongs in the bin!!