Audio Shows - more showcasing of good VFM products

I was at the recent National Audio Show at Whittlebury Hall in the UK. I've said it before, and will say it again, we are being massively marginalised in our own back yard by quite poor products fom the mainstream. Most people think that Dr Dre headphones, and Ipods are THE FINAL WORD IN AUDIO. I think Dr Dre sold his Beatz headphone company for a silly amount of money.
The majority of high end audio tradesmen are doing it truly for the 'love of it' and do not make a good living from it as they search for people significantly more well-healed than themselves.
So what's the answer? The likes of Devialet - whether you think they are a bit grey toned or not - combine a very good sound with superb lifestyle looks - I spoke to the man who got them into Harrods amongst other stores. In addition to this they make some good VFM products as well. Likewise I came across an absolutely superb product by a Norwegian company called 'Arendel' speakers made in Norway to a very high standard of finish - obligotory gloss white finish is available - and the range top out at £2300 - the speakers on demo were £1300.
I know it may seem very odd, but perhaps manufucturers ought to consider colloborating more as opposed to filling the same space in the market - with obviously greater links beetween products - look at Ferrari and Shell for instance - working together often brings mutual benefits.
We are desperately in need of products of this calibre that are affordable, and the industry as a whole need to promote such products and have such products available to the market. Why is this so important, it feeds the industry in the future for a start, and keeps the esoteric products alive too. Not only that manufacturers have to pass down 'trickle down' technology - audio shouldn't be any different. I know of a former shop called Walrus Systems that 'died a death' - esoteric, exotic, beautiful niche products - sadly much of it was expensive and eccentric - they didn't have enough bread and butter products available - by the time they were selling Chinese valve products it was too late - a real shame - Les Wong was one of the most decent guys I met in audio, and I hope he is doing well whatever it is that he is doing now.
I would love to hear your views guys