Audio Shows and Equipment BreakIn

Could someone please explain something to me??? I've been reading the forum trying to get some info on the Avalon Eidolon speakers. The threads beg comparisons to other speakers. Something that I read over and over again that blows my mind is the manufacturer's apparent habit of demonstrating equipment at a show that is not properly broken in. I do understand that the environment at the shows can't be controlled but I have a really hard time understanding why a manufacturer would not want to make absolutely sure that his/her speakers were completely broken in, such that they could be shown at best advantage. Any idea as to why this occurs so often???
The general rule of thumb is that equipment undergoes a break-in -- true.

How it impacts the sound? You never know especially if you're auditioning them in different room or CES and you also never know this way if the speaker were broken-in or not.

Break-in helps out to adjust small and tiny imperfections but the foundation of a sound should be present out of box.

If you buy a new Lex GS430 there is no way some "broken-in" Honda Civic can outrun it neither from start nor on the long run.
Having previously owned Avalon speakers I can tell you break in is a very real thing and takes a LONG time for them to sound good. Avalon's are very particular with proper set up and room treatment, I think it would be unlikely to get them sounding even close to there potential, but again this is true with most hi end gear. The avalon's are nice speakers and the finish can not be beat, but there are other contenders you may want to consider. Are there any dealers near you? some of them have the speakers set up properly. If there aren't there are dealers all over the place; on a purchase of this size take a long weekend and go for a drive(or short flight) heck even bring the wife and have an appointment to listen to them. How ever much it costs, it may save you thousands! Another possibility is to post what area you are in, there are audiophiles everywhere, it is possible that you have a pair of Eidolon's in your back yard. Visit the "Where are U???" thread here, and see if anyone lives near. Also check and see if there is any form of local audiophile club that can get you in touch with someone who has what you are looking to hear. Most audiophiles in this league love to show off and share the joys of music. Cheers!
Maybe it's because the manufacturer knows how much of a difference break-in really makes in his product.
Bomarc, CES is THE place to exhibit fresh audio. Many new or updated / modified products are completed just in time to make this show.

Many companies actually time the completion of a new product to coincide with CES, providing the shortest time between R&D dollars and availability to dealers.

The break in process is real for many audio products, including speakers.
The purpose of Audio Shows is not to make a sale to a consumer; it is to show off the new gear to dealers and the media.

Even other gear used to show off the new models is many times factory new (as in not broken in). For example at CES 2003, Gilbert Yeung was showing off his new preamps and power amps using a pair of Martin Logan Accents that were shipped directly to the show by Martin Logan for him to use.
I guess it depends on whether you want a virgin, or one fully broken in :-)